who pay the best prices for medals

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

Unlike others U.K. specialists Medal Buyers.com’s  time is consumed buying military medals directly from families and occasionally from collectors. Never would we buy at auction.

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Our customers who include one city investment group pay above the established market value for our medals for  good reason .

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

We provide all investors with 100% originality  Guaranteed items.

Our customers pay a premium because

we have conducted the research and rejected items we feel will not make suitable investments.

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Our customers pay a premium for items which have not been offered for sale at auction before.

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

We never buy at auction so we are totally dependant on you members of the general public for all our stock.

The fact is that collectors and investors alike prefer

“Fresh To Market Militaria”

War Of Courage

We are depend entirely on you so you can rest assured that we are willing go the extra mile in order to tempt you into selling to us exclusively .

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It is worth knowing that specialist medal auctioneers grab a large slice of the pie.



If the sum of commissions paid by buyer is added to the vendors charges around 45% of a medal’s total price is lost!.

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

All to often large specialist medal auctioneers group together duplicates of the same award and sell them on the same day. If you are unlucky enough to have such an award in the same sale then you might have to be prepared for a disappointing result.

Who Pays The Most For War Medals?

By selling directly to dedicated professionals who value your custom you retain total control over the price you receive and accept

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