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David Mattey of WW2 Buyer has specialised in vintage military firearms (deactivated and antique), uniforms, equipment, medals, badges, bayonets, swords and books for 40 years.


Dealers in WW2 Militaria

So If You Are Looking To Sell RAF flying boots or perhaps an old German Officers Dagger  you have found the right people.

At World War Two Buyer we have twenty years experience in the buying and the selling of most aspects of WW2 artefacts . 



In fact at WW2 Buyer we are experienced in the acquisition of arms armour from all nations and conflicts .


Selling an Iron Cross from 1939 is an easy task they tend to have a set value so most established dealers will pay close to the known price.

Below is an image of such an iron cross .These iron crosses second class start at around £50 /$ 75 but can go up to Several Thousand for the knights cross of the iron cross .

Badges bough home from WW2

German badges bought home from WW2 by grandfather Now command huge prices at WW2 buyer we are always happy to make competitive offers .

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Our rate of success in buying against other offers is close to 100% .


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