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David Mattey of

 is a conscientious dealer with over 40 years experience in the purchase and sale of Medals ,Decorations , Arms and Militaria.


David who has worked from his high street premises for the last twenty years acts as buyer to city investment groups ,Advanced collectors and  the premier specialist websites.

SS insignia

David believes that investors are happy to pay a premium  for expertise, research and unconditionally guaranteed exhibits.

valuation binoculars are engaged in the  purchase of  Allied And Axis  Uniforms ,Daggers,Medals, Awards, Orders, Decorations  and associated “Militaria.

German Medals


If you believe you have already obtained a fair offer David welcomes the opportunity of offering a confidential second opinion.

RAF Medals

Call or e-mail  today for free advice and valuations. please feel free to use the contact form provided.

RAF Medal Collections

Our offers and valuations both  free of charge and confidential.

DFM Group for Sale

If you have by your own research, established an asking price or obtained  bids from other parties.

Royal Air Force

 Please include offers in your communications.  are not in the business of haggling if we can see modest margin we will advance payment today.


Before consigning militaria for sale by auction please be aware that 35%-44% of the total paid by the buyer will be lost to the auctioneer. If you have obtained suggested reserve figures from auctioneers 

WW2Buyer.comwill pay 100% of these immediately.

RAF oxygen mask Type D

Contact: David Mattey

Tel: 01903-884602  Mobile 07860747027

 or e-mail:davidmatteybuyer


Daggers Wanted By Carl Eickhorn

Daggers Wanted By Carl Heidelberg

TENO.Technische Nothilfe

Daggers Wanted By  J.A. Henkels

El Alamein

Daggers Wanted By Paul Weyersberg

(( NSFK……NS-Fliegerkorps ))

Daggers Wanted By Carl Eickhorn


Selling a militaria Collection

German Helmet prices

Daggers Wanted By F.A. Helbig

Daggers Wanted By Carl Julius Krebs

Daggers Wanted By Gebr. Heller.

Daggers Wanted By David Malsch

Daggers Wanted By

Carl Julius Krebs


Daggers Wanted By SMF


Daggers Wanted By Paul Weyersberg

Daggers Wanted With Plane Blades”

1st Model Luftwaffe Daggers Wanted By






Carl Eickhorn


F.A. Helbig

Gebr. Heller

F.W. Holler

E.F. Horster

A. Herder

Robert Klaas

H. Kolping

Albert Kuhl..”Munster” ( Distributor only )

Carl Julius Krebs

P.D. Luneschloss

David Malsch

EP&S- Ernst Pack & Sohn

Plumacher Rich & Sohn





Emil Voos

Gustav Weyersberg

Max Weyersberg ” WMW”


Carl Wustoff

(( 2nd Model 1937 Luftwaffe ))

Rudolf Burchel



Clemen & Jung

Alexander Coppel..”Alcoso’

Carl Eickhorn

Esser & Co. Koln – Distributor

Arthur Evertz

Fridericus … aka Wester & Dinger

Josef Hack ” Hackwerk”

Hast & Uhthoff – Dresden

Gebr Heller – ” Balloonman “

Gebr. heller – Schmalkalden ” Anchor logo “

J.A. Henckels

Friedrich Herder

Richard Herder

F.W. Holler

E & F Horster

Robert Klaas

Klittermann & Moog

H. Kolping

Carl Julius Krebs

P.D. Luneschloss

August Merten

EP&S ” Ernst Pack and Sohn”

Plumacher & Sohn

Pumawerke Lauterjung & Sohn

Arthur Schuttlehoffer

Paul Seilheimer

SMF..” Solingen Metallwaffenfabrik”

Gustav Spitzer


Undine – ( Kuno Ritter )

Emil Voos

Anton Wingen

WKC..”Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie”

Gustav Weyersburg

Max Weyersberg

Paul Weyersberg

Carl Wustoff

Zeitler – ” Wein “

” Unmarked Blade “

(( Gravity Knives ))


F.H. Helbig

Malsch & Ambon

Paul Seilheimer


Paul Weyersberg




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