Firstly EBAY Have Banned The Listing Of Nazi Items With A Few Exceptions Such As Coins.


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Sell Militaria


Two Factors To Consider In Answer To The Question.


Valuation Of Nazi Militaria

                   Valuation Of Nazi Militaria


“How Do I Sell Nazi Items”?

How To Sell Nazi Items

A) Who Is Going To Pay You The Correct And Highest Price ?.


B) Are Your Items Destined To Fuel Racism?

  Will They Be Offered To A Vetted Group Of Mature Collectors /Historians, Museums And Educational Facilities?


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The Horrors Associated With The Nazi Regime Make The Marketing Of Third Reich Artifacts A Controversial Subject.



Ebay The Major Internet auction Site Has Forbidden The Listing Of anything Nazi So As Not To Unwittingly Support Or Promote Racial hatred .

How To Sell Nazi Items


Our Justification For Trading In Genuine Historic Artefacts Is As Follows .


El Alamein

El Alamein

We Believe That Within Any Balanced Museum Of The Second World War Artefacts Provide An Irreplaceable  Focus For Students.

How To Sell Nazi Items


The Existence And Conservation Of  Historic Artefacts Is Critical In Insuring That Genuine History Is Preserved.

Wheatcroft Collection


We Entirely Distance Ourselves From The Trade In Reproduction Nazi Flags And Symbols .


Wheatcroft Collection


Such Items Can Only Serve To Further Poison The Minds Of The Misguided And Vulnerable With Potentially Dangerous Consequences .

How To Sell Nazi Items


The Collectors We Encounter And Who We Are Willing To Do Business With Are As Follows .

How To Sell Nazi Items

Enthusiasts Who Enjoy A Balanced Hobby Routed In A Fascination With 2oth Century History.


militaria collection for sale

We Are U.K.Cash buyers Of Militaria


Never Would We Entertain Those

With Any Controversial Political Agendas . 

Buyers Of Nazi


 Elements Such As Ornate Designs And Superior Craftsmanship Contribute To The Pulling Power Of This Dark Area of Collecting.


Addressing the question

of who will pay the most is easy .


We simply pledge to pay you more for all required items than you have been offered elsewhere.

We Pay In Advance Using “Paypal” And Cover any Costs Such As Shipping .

The Correct Market Value Of Nazi Militaria.

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