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  • Selling militaria is run by dedicated professionals with both experience and market knowledge.

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  • For a fast offer/free valuation or simply some informed advice, simply complete the on-line form provided.

  • We are end users who’s permanent militaria display is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.

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  • Our offers /free valuations are given without expectation client confidentiality is guaranteed .

  • Selling Militaria’s services include direct purchase by private treaty / the cataloguing of collections for sale on consignment/ and the cataloguing of collections for sale by auction with zero vendors commission.

  • Selling Militaria transfer payments through the “Paypal” service we cover fees and insured global shipping .

  • David Mattey  has operated from the same premises for twenty years .

  • The combined knowledge of selling militaria’s traders and negotiators covers all areas  and most periods of conflict . We are happy to offer advice on the conservation of all types of military collectables.

  • Customers who contact Selling Militaria are ensured of courteous professional  communication through email or by calling our 24 hour live desk 044-7860747027.


About Selling Militaria” .

Selling Militaria is not just virtual!

We operate the largest permanent a “bricks and mortar” retail venue with a capacity for over thirty specialist militaria buyers.

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Our many specialist militaria buyers cover  a wide range of fascinating historic items .

Selling militaria buy directly from you ,We can afford to pay the correct market value.

By selling directly to Selling militaria you are cutting out the usual agents and middlemen.

The Medals,Weapons and uniforms  acquired by selling militaria is offered for sale from our large museum themed showrooms.

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Selling Militaria ’s high street store  and Victorian warehouse stand beside Arundel Castle in West Sussex. .


Web based dealers can benefit from representing themselves at this exciting permanent destination.

Collectors with an ambition to start dealing are now given the perfect opportunity to enact their dream.

Shelves in large illuminated, lockable, cabinets can be rented for just £25 per month.

Militaria buyer’s sales experience will help exhibitors achieve better retail prices.

Customers will always receive  accurate helpful advise .

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What Determines Selling Militaria Prices?

Selling Militaria  buyers prices depend on the desirability of the object and  it’s state of preservation.

In any event we guarantee our customers high militaria prices. You achieve round the 70% of the list prices from other professional websites. Special quality collections of war antiques achieve great sums. Our buyers pay from 85% to 90% of the prices fixed by other dealers.

If you would like to sell your military antiques, you should know about selling Militaria. Our dealers evaluate all kinds of items from different conflicts  and all periods. You will receive our offers/free valuations willingly without being made to feel obliged to sell.

Selling Militaria’s specialist militaria buyers buy from Veteran’s families, collectors and dealers worldwide, including the major advertisers on the internet  .The Selling Militaria’s store is a high end retail ,, buying for long term investment groups, Museums and some of the the more advanced collectors, For us the purchase price is less critical than for those in the oversubscribed online market place.

Selling militaria operate in a competitive market place with new militaria websites cropping up by the hour . Our attitudes towards data protection and customer loyalty sets us apart from some of the less mature on-line only traders.



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