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At German Badges Dealer. We specialise in  purchasing of your orders, decorations and other “Militaria”.

Edged weapons and German collectibles from World War II are  banned from EBAY the major auction site.
We buy German Badges and other Third Reich Militaria  exclusively for a vetted circle of responsible, academic collectors, museums and historians.

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German Badges Dealers in no way support the policies or ideology of the Nazis or any other hate groups!
We are of the opinion that the preservation of objects from this dark era is valid when undertaken in an enlightened educational context.

German Badges Dealers  buy directly from you at the correct market value so you avoid letting auctioneers or other agents taking a piece of the pie.

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German Badges Dealers considers the displaying of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection  irresponsible.

Our payment policies are straightforward, honest and direct: We will pay the full agreed price for your articles in advance. via the “Paypal” service. Offering alternative payment methods by arrangement. One Hundred Pound Egg German Badges Dealers cover  customs ,and shipping  costs on goods arriving outside of the country (Imports).

By selling directly to  dedicated professionals sellers avoid the risks associated with exchanging  personal data on the Internet. Only in the event of a purchase are the minimum requirement of details taken.

Contact us directly with any questions may have .E-mail  davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com or by telephone 0044-7860-747027 .

Our office live desk is manned 24 hours a day 7 days each week  telephone 0044-7860-747027 .

Our services are confidential.           

We look forward hearing from you regardless of distances we will  buy single items and complete collections.

We offer a legal selling option for countries in the EU where the open trade is prohibited to such items.

Most of our impressive stock is acquired from dealers and the families of veterans in the U.S.A.

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