WW2 buyer.com Provide a fast accurate valuation service for all recorded WW2 Artefacts .

What makes WW2 buyer’s militaria valuations accurate ?

Upon receiving images o what you have we will make an assessment of condition then research the average recorded auction price for as close to identical example as we can .

Should we find a recorded “Hammer ” Price of one thousand then our offer will be around one thousand . Our interest includes daggers, Bayonets, Uniforms, Caps, Helmets, Medals , Paperwork, etc . 

Please accept that as dedicated professionals we have investors eager to buy from us .. David Mattey of WW2 buyer.com operates from his high street store “Antiques & Militaria ” in Arundel High Street.

Telephone David on +447860747027 Or email


David Is a keen historian who is always delighted to hear from the families of WW2 veterans who have family pieces to sell. Some typical prices Paid include

$1000–£650 for good German Helmets

$2000 –£1500 Paid for your SS Daggers.

$1000–£650 paid for rare German Badge.

Helmets & Headress, Museums set to buy Medals and Militaria with veteran provenece, Naval War Badges, Nazi Banner, Never c

Recorded Auction House Prices Paid Directly To You!. Contact davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com, Red Cross Daggers, Researched Auction House Recorded Prices Paid Directly To You In Full.

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