The selling of your militaria collection is something which should be considered carefully .

For many a militaria collection formulated over time will prove to have been an excellent investment.

I have frequently heard collections  described as

“My pension fund.”

so what is the best way to go about selling? Selling to the right dealer will always provide a better return selling at auction .

Selling to the wrong dealer will not!

The Auctioneers practice of charging

both buyer and seller equates to nearly half the pie being lost. 

With a little swatting up a collector will learn what dealers are asking for similar pieces on line.. Armed with some. 

TENO.Technische Nothilfe

TENO.Technische Nothilfe

understanding of asking prices you may wish to approach a dealer of your preference .


Telephone or send an email to explain your circumstances .. Your message might go something like this .

 Dear_____ , I am a collector of militaria who has decided it might be the best time to sell or start thinning down My collection ..

TENO.Technische Nothilfe

TENO.Technische Nothilfe , Third Reich Luftwaffe Awards & Badges , Luftwaffe Badges , A Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge; Cloth Version,The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge ,An Early Luftwaffe Flak Badge , An Early Cased Paratroopers Badge,Luftwaffe Flak Badge,A Luftwaffe Heimat und Alarm Flakartillerie Stickpin, A Late War Luftwaffe Flak Badge, A Luftwaffe Air Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge , A Luftwaffe Observers Badge by P.Meybauer, Berlin , Ground Assault Badge, Ground Assault Badge, An Officer’s Bullion Combined Pilot’s & Observers Badge , An Early War Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Tombac , A Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Brehmer,Luftwaffe Flak Badge – Juncker,Ground Assault Badge ,Combined Pilot’s/Observers Badge –, A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge by Gebrder Wegerhof, Ldenscheid, The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge by C.E. Juncker, Berlin, A Luftwaffe Observers Badge by Assmannn ,Paratroop Badge,Paratroop Badge ,Case for Observers Badge , Case for Observers Badge , Observers Badge, Pilot’s Badge Juncker , The Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge, Combined Pilot’s/Observers Badge,The Glider Pilot Badge Rare Large Eagle, A Pilot’s Badge by Juncker, Combined Pilots and Observers Badge , Pilot’s Badge – B & N L , Pilot’s Badge – BSW Sold For $1,000 EU3245 Add to Compare Cased Pilot’s Badge – Juncker ,  Austrian Made Pilot’s Badge by Brüder Schneider, An Early War Luftwaffe Observer’s Badge by C.E.Juncker,


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