Militaria Auctioneers were once the obvious choice for those wishing to sell their war relics collection.

It is worth knowing however that sellers will only receive about 50% of what the buyer pays after the sale …Quite simply the buyer is charged up to 30% “Buyers Premium ” which when added to the vendor’s commission of 15% + Vat equates to a fraction short of 50% LOST!







At  WW2  we are frequently

contacted by people who have items from WWII who wish to sell them.

 Some  seem shocked to find out that such items are not always worth thousands or even hundreds ?

Specialising in Medals awarded to 1st King’s Dragoon Guards cap badge value/price

Specialising in Medals awarded to 1st King’s Dragoon Guards cap badge value/price

 Not everything is rare and expensive.

More often than not items we see are
“common” or “fairly common”

After all WW2 was a big event and much from the period has survived.

all our emails are answered with courtesy


Dont Trust Advertisers Who Claim To Be Collectors 


WW2 Buyer Have Learned The Collector  Patter Often Goes Like This 

“I Love WWII items because they  are intrigued by the history behind each item.

I don’t care about the value or the future value they may tell you” .?????

  WW2 Buyer .com has made quite a study of what goes on.

They Might Well Continue Like This Telling You That . 

“They enjoy holding a piece of history in thier hand
and wondering where it has been,

who owned it, and what history it has seen?

WW2 Buyer Question If  The above Are Ernest Statements??

 Why don’t they go along to a militaria

show and buy what they Collect ????

The Answer Is Simple.

They Are Running A Commercial Operation Which Costs Money To Set Up And To Maintain.

They Rightly Believe Sellers Will Be More Sympathetic Towards Collectors So They Masquerade As Such Selfless Enthusiasts ??.. 

They Will Say All The Right Things

Which Cynical Way To Buy Below The Market Value .

”  If the item has
a name attached to it, I enjoy doing the research behind the item and that person’s history during their military service”?
I have paid three or four times the  value for an item ????? 



 This is always my preference, and if the item
comes with a story, I will gladly produce a page on my site like “Tail of a 109” to share the
story behind the item with other collectors and visitors to the website.

german daggers

 I think it is a fitting
tribute for the soldier who served to have his story told where others could read
and enjoy details of his service and the history behind the items!

.  Items that were produced in the hundreds of thousands are really not very rare
and do not command a high price.  And, many collectors are specific to a particular portion of
the war in what they collect.  

(i.e. – Hitler Youth, Army Air Corp, U-boat items, American Navy
items, etc.)  So while an item may not be worth anything to one collector, it may be worth
more to somone who specialised in items of that type or branch.

internet, doesn’t mean it will sell at that amount, it’s simply what the dealer is asking for the
And unfortunately, when dealers buy lots or groupings of items, they will generally sell off each
item one by one.  Again, nothing wrong with it I guess, it’s their business to make money.  But
for me, I hate the see one person’s items broken up and scattered apart from each other.  I
would much prefer to see the items stay together to tell the story of this one individual and the
details behind their career.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  I am always happy to answer emails
and always interested in hearing from other collectors and the families of  veterans.

 We are always happy to identify the item, provide an opinion as to
it’s value with no obligation for you to sell.

 If anything fails to suit out requirements 

 We will try and  point you in direction where you will be able to sell it.

Now to your item(s)!:

I am always happy to receive emails from people who have WWII items they would like to
have and can begin to establish it’s value for you.
I promise to provide a fair price for the item, whether or not the item is of interest to me.  The
collecting markets fluctuates as does anything working off supply and demand, but overall,
we should be able to get you a fair idea of the value of your item.
If the item is something I am interested in, I will happily pay cash for the item (if you’re closely keep the items grouped together and ensure their preservation as a whole.

 For me, it
is always an honor to be entrusted with the details and items from a serviceman’s military
career for others to enjoy and admirer.

Thank you for taking the time to look over this page……..I look forward to hearing from you.

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