This website is intended for the acquisition of all WW2 and other military memorabilia to include Helmets,Bayonets,Medals,Badges,Uniforms,Etc.

Unlike other advertisers WW2buyer.com  is not  affiliated with any right wing groups past or present .In fact our personal politics might best be classed as liberal.

By selling directly to us at WW2 buyer avoid communicating with those with neo-Nazi connections .

WW2 buyer is owned by genuine history enthusiasts who have full knowledge of the the Third Reich and of World War II.

We do not condone any actions that took place under the Nazi regime .

If you find German World War 2 memorabilia offensive then please do not continue looking at  this website as this is a genuine outlet for veteran’s families to sell.

Any images are here to help sellers identify and value what they have. We do not wish to offend anybody.

Museums Paying For WW2 Militaria.

Before Contacting a museum to find a home for  militaria you may wish to contact us at WW2Buyer.com ..

There is little more noble a gesture than bequeathing family medals and souvenirs plucked from the battlefield.

The notion that such items are best on display to the world inside a public building is correct in every respect.

If however you wish to learn the commercial value of what you have please contact us for a free offer /valuation .

Our expertise primarily covers WWI ,WWII with a good grasp and all other conflicts .

If you decide to realise cash on what you have but stipulate that it must only be sold to a Museum WW2Buyer.com will honour such an agreement and inform sellers where the items will be displayed once a home has been found for them.  In most circumstances Museums will accept items with little or no intention of displaying them ..

Valuation Of Nazi Militaria?

By bequeathing Items directly to a museum you might be missing out on money which the correct museum may pay to us at WW2 Buyer..

  In a nutshell. Get a valuation first ,then decide on your course of action .

Graf Spee

If you think you have something interesting in the line of militaria from daggers to medals,to uniforms,to badges please contact ,


Valuation of  Luftwaffe Gravity Knives

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