Museums set to buy Medals and Militaria with veteran provenance.

War Museums specialising in the second world war both buy and sell duplicated items to us and from us at WW2 .

What do they want from us ? Most have more Helmets , Bayonets, Daggers , and other forms of militaria than you can shake a stick at .

Well this is what we are finding. A wealth of material has been bequeathed to public museums unfortunately whilst many display nicely, they lack provanence .

At WW2 we are keen to acquire items with a known history and supporting photographs and paperwork, when possible.

The experience of visiting any collection leaves the visitor with a  sense of the period, simply from being surrounded by artefacts, additional information linked to an item might include .

telling the student or casual visitor just who plucked an item from the battle field during which campaign? This  greatly increases the interest.

At WW2 buyer we ask the families of veteran’s ,”Who recovered these items”and in which unit did he serve ?.Why do we ask this ? partly because it is nice to be part of the process of preserving history, secondly our relationship with our buyers is a good one, so providing them with data we have collected improves our margin and makes us a favoured source for academic buyers ..



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