Selling Inherited WW2 Militaria.

If you are selling a grouping of militaria which you have inherited please read on .

The obvious approach to sell militaria or any other commodity  is conduct research and learn what specialists are charging and offering.

A little known fact is that customers will pay considerably more for your items if they have provenance. 

One example springs to mind that perfectly illustrates just how supporting paperwork greatly increases an item’s value. 

I have recently been offered an F.S. fighting knife (commando dagger ) From the daughter of a member of the WW2 Special Air Service .

Whilst a search of dealers websites will provide identical daggers for sale at £300. 

The unique supporting papers bought my offer up to £1500. 

So before if you think comparing prices is sufficient contact a creditable militaria specialist .. If items have family provenance connecting them to Airbourne units especially advanced dealers will have customers waiting .


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