The DLV Flyers Knife also referred to as a Glider Pilot Dagger or Knife 

By Josef Munch Brotterode.

These early DLV daggers have so much character !

The blue leather wrapped grip

on this example retains over it’s colour.

The toned silver plated nickel guard retains much of its plating The pommel cap the survives in the same condition . The black enamelling to  the Swastika is 100% on both sides of the guard.

Stamped into the end of one wing is the letter “K”. 

The blades has not been touched since 1945. it is always nice to find one in as good a condition as this example. We’ve made no attempt at cleaning the blade (not even wiping down with a cloth), so what you see it how we received it. There appears to be some dirt/grime on the blade, but also the typical oxidation spotting – although light and minimal.

Some scabbard runner marks are also present. Overall this blade is solid, with a very clear crossgrain, te original buffer pad in present , and well defined Josef Münch maker mark.

The deep blue leather wrapped scabbard shows wear matching the rest of the dagger. The leather shows some scratches, use wear, and a couple of nicks, but no cracks (the leather is not dry). The scabbard fittings on this DLV dagger have retained much of the original silver plating.

All screws are original to the piece and are  accounted for, and do not show signs of having ever been removed. The top of the scabbard throat shows the correct waffenamp stamp as expected. The dagger is one of a group of three .I attach the note from the son of the veteran from whom it belonged .

Nazi Banner

“Thank you,

Here is some info about my father J—– —– —- , I am named after my father. However, I have a Roman numeral II as a suffix. 

Dad was the 1st. Sergeant of Company C, he was in the 347th Infantry  Regiment, 87th Infantry Division, the Golden Acorn.

DLV Flyers Knife

The 347th fought in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. During his time in Europe he received a French medal, Ces Citations comportent l’attribution de la Croix de Guerre avec Etiole de Bronze.

He didn’t like talking about his time overseas. 

All I can tell you about the daggers is that he got them while in Germany. Hope this gives you some insight about the daggers.

It has been a pleasure conversing with you.”

J—- —-  —–111

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