As Hitler Youth collectors reach a certain time in their lives the question of disposing of their treasures must be considered . Leaving the task of obtaining the correct prices to relatives, or the potentially disastrous lottery of selling at auction are to common options. Auction houses are unlikely to achieve the correct market value..Those who formulate Hitler Youth collections will be aware of the subtleties of each item . To obtain a collection’s full potential it is probably better for the collector to engage in a little market research and set about pricing what they have and marketing it while they are in good health .. Antiques and Militaria is the name of our High Street store David Mattey has made his career in Antiques over a 40 Year period . David has eighteen active internet websites covering various areas from Medals ,Oil Paintings , Clocks ,Jewellery and Militaria . David invites you to make contact and formulate the very best strategy for marketing your treasured possessions . Telephone 01903-884602 today and learn more about commission free selling at 100% recorded prices.

Yes up to $75,000 paid for H.J. collections .

Welcome to the first and original website site for acquiring artefacts which serve to  preserve WW2 History.

WW2 Buyer Are Engaged In The Global acquisition of historical items of all forms to include German Badges , Hitler Youth,Steel Helmets ,Uniforms And Awards from all countries involved, dating from the 1930’s  through to 1945. Selling Hitler Youth  and indeed all WW2 memorabilia is fast and easy.

We are not moonlighting Taxi drivers or Zoo Keepers etc. We buy your World War 2 and Hitler Youth items as a commercial profession, preserving history and sharing it for generations to come.

We Top prices  paid for your World War 2 Militaria, whether it be helmets, side caps, visor caps , flags, field gear, equipment, medals, insignia,

uniforms, knives, guns, paper work, trench art, photo albums, battle souvenirs, relics or veteran souvenir bring backs.

All nations  WW2 memorabilia required, including, but not limited to: US, German, Japanese, Russian, and Italian militaria. Individual pieces and collections up to $75,000  welcomed.

german daggers

Sell WWII German helmets here.

Dealers in German cloth badges

Dealers in German cloth badges

We do not accept Donations of WWII items we pay the correct market price for everything .


If you are not ready to to sell but you are curious as to what your World War Two items are worth?.

M 17 helmet

M 17 helmet £1100 Sold 2013

We are be happy to take a look at it and give you idea of what it is selling for.

Some pieces are worth thousands of dollars. or euros or GBP .What ever you have will have historically valuable.

Offers /valuations /Appraisals are free of charge . Some charge (Experts?) a fee to appraise your WWII item.

If you don’t wish to sell your WW2 Memorabilia no problem you are dealing with courteous dedicated professionals .

War Relics Purchased

We always  appreciate the oppotunity to see these historical and important items.

Our store is open seven days per week and is frequently compared to being a  free museum.

items in the collection are shared with students of history and loaned to educational facilities .

If we don’t

make you a better offer than you have had from anybody else go to the WW2Buyer facebook page and share your disappointment..

This will be a first ! .

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