The Site Of A Nazi Flag Outside The Context Of A Museum Will Cause Shock And Offence.

If You Have Inherited A Nazi Flag Or Pennant We Might Be Able To Offer A Legitimate Destination For It.

In The Post War Era, Films And Later Television Documentaries  Dealing With WW2 Dominated Entertainment.. Comedy Shows Such As Hogan’s Heroes Lampooned The German Army. “GI Joe” Or “Action Man” Toys Could Be Acquired With A German WW2 Uniform Complete With Swastika Decals.

Times Have Changed And As A Civilised Society Reflects On The Annihilation Of Europe’s Jews, Gypsy’s And Gays The Swastika Is Understandably Abhorrent…

Nazi Party Flags Are One Of The Very Few Things That We Would Only Supply To Registered WW2 Museums Or Trusted Mature Investors  ..   Other Third Reich Flags Such As The Kreigsmarine Battle Flag Can Make Good Backdrops For Historians Who Are Interested In Say The Battle Of The Atlantic … Even With These One Must Only Ever Display Them In An Educational  Museum Type Setting . The Public Display Of Anything Which Displays A Swastika Is Something We Do Not Agree With At All.

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