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Specialising in Medals awarded to 1st King’s Dragoon Guards cap badge value/price

Specialising in Medals awarded to 1st King’s Dragoon Guards cap badge value/price

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We Can Look On Line And  Find The Previous Results For Very Similar Items,Legion Condor, Spanish Civil War 1936-1939,
WW II general decorations,
Decorations of the Wehrmacht Army,
Decorations of the Kriegsmarine,
Decorations of the Luftwaffe,
Foreign volunteers of the Wehrmacht,
German States pre- 1933: Orders and decorations,
German Reich 1871-1918 decorations,
Weimar Republic and Freikorps 1918 – 1933,
German medal bars pre- 1933,
Miniatures of Orders and decorations 1870 -1945,
Foreign Orders and decorations,
Plaques, non-portable medals and decorations,
membership badges and pins 1900 -1945,
III. Reich tinnies and rally badges, WHW,
Insignia of the Waffen-SS, Schutzstaffel,
Insignia of the NSDAP and Organisations
Insignia of III. Reich organisations,
Insignia of the Wehrmacht Army,
Insignia of the Kriegsmarine,
Insignia of the Luftwaffe,
Uniforms III. Reich and World War II,
III. Reich: visor hats, steel helmets, overseas caps,
Edged Weapons Germany 1870 – 1945,
Edged Weapons.

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