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Welcome to WW2Buyer .com

David Mattey of WW2Buyer.com is a respected dealer with  years experience in the purchase and sale of Medals, Decorations, Arms and Militaria.

David has worked tirelessly attaining a position of respect in the Orders and medals community  .

He acts as buyer to city investment groups, Advanced collectors and the premier specialist websites.


David firmly  believes that investors are happy to pay a premium  for WW2Buyer’s expertise, research and unconditionally guaranteed exhibits.

WW2Buyer is engaged in the  purchase of Campaign Medals, Awards, Orders, Decorations , Service Medals and associated Militaria. If you believe you have already obtained a fair offer we welcome the opportunity of offering a confidential second opinion.

Call or e-mail davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com  today for free independent advice and valuations. please feel free to use the contact form provided. Our offers and valuations are both  free of charge and confidential.

If you have, by your own research, established an asking price or obtained  bids from other parties, please include these in your communications. WW2 Buyer.com are not in the business of haggling. If we can see modest margin we will advance payment today.

Before consigning medals for sale by auction please be aware that 35%-44% of the total paid by the buyer will be lost to the auctioneer. If you have obtained suggested reserve figures from auctioneers Medalbuyers.com will pay 100% of these immediately.

Contact: davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com 

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