100% auctioneers valuations paid!

If you are looking for a fare deal when selling militaria you may be interested to know that at WW2 buyer we are willing and able to pay 100% Auctioneers pre sale estimates.

What does this mean ?

If you have obtained a valuation from any of the top London auction houses you now have the option of an immediate sale at their suggest reserve price paid in cash!

So rather that wait for an auction date and the uncertainty of interest on the day ,We pay you know for all required militaria..

Verbot des Verkaufs der nationalsozialistischen Militaria.

Verbot des Verkaufs der nationalsozialistischen Militaria.

If you think this sounds to good to be true consider this ..Auctioneers charge us buyers 25% plus vat on top of the bid price ..

Therefore  not only are you saving time and money we are saving ourselves  one quarter of the cost that we would have to pay in a saleroom or online…

Wake up and smell the coffee Auctioneers have no plausible function in today’s world..

U.K. Buyers of WW2 Helmets

Anybody can research a price /valuation .

Unsuspecting vendors are duped into parting with heirlooms only to receive a modest slice of the value ..

militaria dealers

If you have a collection call our bluff by contacting us and finding out more about our service..

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Never Sell Militaria At Auction Again ! You Will Obtain A Guaranteed 25%-40% More by selling Directly To WW2buyer.com .
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