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David Mattey  has specialised in vintage military firearms (deactivated and antique), uniforms, equipment, medals, badges, bayonets, swords and books for 40 years.

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 Selling Family Medals At Auction Might Not Be The Best Solution ?.

 Medal auctioneers commission is now charged to both buyer and seller.

Vendors therefore automatically loose between 35-44% of the value of their family medals to the auction house, such commission is further burdened with V.A.T. sales tax and fees for unsold lots charged by many medal auctioneers.

 There is really no need to gamble in the hit and miss environment encouraged by medal auctioneers.

By dealing directly with WW2buyer.com research is conducted and an immediate informed offer is made.

. Interestingly the majority of lots offered by medal auctioneers go to specialists such as ourselves so we now invite you to sell to us directly.

 Collectors and Investors employ dedicated professionals such as Medal Buyers. com to act as buyers for them.

Many investors have been driven away from buying medals from medal auctioneers  themselves.

 All to frequently bidders get drawn in to buying incorrectly catalogued lots!.

Fake medals are also dumped by the unscrupulous to be marketed through the traditionally respectable façade of an auction house.


David Mattey Medal Buyer

WW2Buyer.com aim to provide the very best options  for those wishing to sell  medals.

We operate the U.K.s largest permanent militaria trading centre beside Arundel Castle in West Sussex England.

We are not interested in haggling or grinding sellers down.

We are content with paying the correct market value but we resent paying medal auctioneers contentious commission rates .

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If you have by your own research established your own “wish price” please include this in your message.

We are successful in buying most of what we are offered. 

5% introductory commission

List Price of Militaria

 In 2013 a collection came to us and was sold for £83000 .

We offer the same expertise to those wishing to sell a single medal for £50. We know the strength of our hard earned customers and believe we can offer you a better return than might be achieved through medal auctioneers.


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 WW2 Buyer .com are genuinely independent we therefore welcome the opportunity of providing a second opinion to those who feel uneasy with the advice and service they have received from medal auctioneers or other experts?. Our experience, professionalism and diverse market knowledge has provided us with exclusive customers who include National Museum departments , Advanced collectors,and city investment groups. We are always under pressure to seek and find fresh un researched medal groups. Once you contact us  with Campaign and Service Medals, Awards, or Decorations, you will be met with enthusiastic experts. 


WW2 Buyer.com provide informed offers/ free valuations. 

  Settlement is immediate and all enquiries are treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Contact David Mattey or one of his team on our 24 hour live desk to receive free information and prices.  mobile 07860-747027. davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com 

Alternative fill out the form provided .All offers/ valuations and basic information is provided  free of charge and free from obligation

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