Buying medals and militaria directly from you online since 2001.


David Mattey of WW2 Buyer has specialised in vintage military firearms (deactivated and antique), uniforms, equipment, medals, badges, bayonets, swords and books for 40 years.

Selling Militaria In The USA And In The U.K.


If you have been collecting “Militaria” over time you will have some understanding of how the industry works ..

Traditionally Items Might Be Picked Up Or Sold In An Auction Or Market.

Today Those Selling Are Likely to Google “Militaria Dealers ” Or “German Helmet Prices” To Reach Specialists Such As Our Selves .

By Selling Genuine military items To Dedicated Professionals Should Insure That You Achieve The Correct Price.

Regrettably Fare Play Is Not Guaranteed When Selling On Line.

You Should Look Closely At Any Website Before “Jumping In”.

Look For A VAT Number Or Other Tax Code. Try And Deal With Those Who Operate From A Permanent Address Ideally From A Store Or Shop.

 Traditional Dealers With A Store Have Nowhere To Run If The Deal Goes Bad. Store Based Dealers Have A Reputation To Uphold Whilst Facebook Or Ebay Dealers Dissolve Into Thin Air Only To Reappear In Their Latest Fake Incarnation .


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