Contact today and take full advantage of our courteous free of charge offers/valuation servives.

If you believe it is safer to risk the unpredictability of an auction then that is another option .

Before considering the Militaria auction option however please note that by taxing both buyer and seller the auctioneers subtract 47%  of the buyer’s total .


Yes they grab an outragious percentage which equates to almost half.

If you are an inhabitant of Facebook then you might be tempted to connect with one of the Militaria collectors groups .

Selling directly to a militaria collector must make sense ?  

Not really Facebook is the new playground for Militaria scammers .

Accounts which seem legitimate are being matured as we speak gaining credibility with the fellow members . These Militaria accounts gain the trust of the group often using false identification only to vanish into thin air once a transaction is being processed . Interestingly most of the Facebook collectors pages have been set up by dealers who may make a killing from fleecing new members .

So back to the Militaria selling option offer.

We are not going anywhere soon our contracts mean that when you call with any kind of Militaria inquiry we will be around.

As a Militaria store which relies on retaining an unblemished reputation we hope you will contact us safe in the knowledge that we will pay you a fare price or simply offer our opinion free of charge . 

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