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We at specialise in the purchase of  your German daggers, War Medals  and all other items of Militaria From All Periods .

Both weapons and German collectables from the second World War have been banned from the Ebay and other auctions on the Internet.

Welcome To The Militaria Buyers buy exclusively for a carefully vetted certified circle of responsible, academic collectors, museums and historians.

Welcome To The Militaria Buyers

WW2 does not support

or hold political sympathy with

right wing or other  hate groups who adopt historic symbols to brand their evil agenda !

We believe that the preservation of genuine items from this dark era is  valid and necessary only for education and the accurate preservation of history buy directly from you, so you prevent auctioneers from taking an overal 45% slice of the pie.

German considers public display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.


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we pay you the full price of your items immediately using “Paypal” or Cash On Delivery .

We pay all customs costs for goods arriving from abroad outside and, of course, all shipping costs.

WW2 Militaria Collecting

By dealing with dedicated professionals  you negate the risks associated with leaving your personal information on the Internet.

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We are happy to buy independently from all distances.

We offer our customers from within the EU countries where the open trade in such items is prohibited a legal selling option.

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David Mattey (buyer)

We are buyers operating the UK with agents in the USA and specializing in the following German daggers
SS – Daggers £ 1,800 – £ 5,000, paid for good condition
NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) – Daggers
£ 500-3,000, already paid
NPEA / Napola (National Political Educational Institution) – Daggers £ 2000 +
1933 SA (Storm Division) – Daggers £ 400- £ 700, already paid
Army – Officer’s Knife £ 280- £ 600
DLV (German Air Sports Association) – aviator £ 550 +, already paid
NSFK (National Socialist Air Corps) – aviator £ 600, already paid
Air Forces – Daggers £ 400 -£750
German Navy Daggers £ 420 +
RAD (Reich Labor Service) – Daggers £ 500 – £ 1500
Diplomats / Government Officials – Daggers £ 2,000- £ 10,000, already paid
Red Cross / Social Welfare Officials – Daggers £ 400- £ 900, already paid
Officials of the German Fire Service – Daggers £ 700 +, already paid
RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) – Daggers £ 1050 – £ 3000
TENO (Technical Assistance) – Daggers £ 800 – £ 3000
German Customs officers – Daggers £ 1000- £ 5000
Deutsche Bahnbeamten – Daggers £ 2800- £ 4700
Mail Guard – Daggers £ 5,000 for sample samples
Daggers of Ranger, Hunting and Armament Associations £ 1,200 +, already paid
HJ (Hitler Youth) / DJ (German Jungvolk) – Daggers £ 100- £ 4,000 for leaders
If you would like to sell one or more of the daggers listed above, please contact us by e-mail:
Or call our high street shop: 0041 (0) 1903-884602

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