At Ww2 or rather our high street militaria store our interest lies in what might be compared to modern day archaeology.



Whilst we enjoy buying Badges,Helmets ,daggers and the like of from retiring collectors our primary interest is in buying items linked with history .


In circumstances where a family member contacts us with a group of badges ,medals or whatever  which their father or grandfather bought home from the war our interest doubles.



If we can offer an item for sale with provenance our customer base extends to museums authors and historians .Immediately an item with a value of perhaps $1000 or even a £1000 can be worth far more that an identical item without any history .



In circumstances where a grouping of militaria is displayed. The interest is greatly enhanced when the name of the service person who acquired the items is shown .


An archaeological context is therefor provided so not only are the items or item preserved but where possible the memory of the service person is retained as well.


With your permission we will supply details of your relative if appropriate when supplying militaria obtained from you  to historians.

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