5% introductory commission paid for militaria leads!

Testimonial’s origins are often  impossible to substantiate, personally I am troubled by their misuse in advertising .

Graf Spee

Having resisted their inclusion for years I have decided to drop just a couple in.

TENO.Technische Nothilfe

Never could an unscrupulous

person or team for that matter pen such

perfectly positive testimonials.

rzm ss dagger

I came across these in messages from a couple

of years back.


German Binoculars

Let’s see what you think of it.


1) Hi David,

“Thank you for your kind service.

It has been a pleasure dealing with

you and if I find anything else

that I think might interest you,

I will have no hesitation in

contacting you again.

antique swords wanted sussex

You have been very fair

and professional throughout

this transaction.

German Helmet prices

I wish you and your colleagues every success with your business”.

2)Thank you for the payment. I am pleased that you liked the daggers. As for the trust, after our frequent emails I felt that you were an honest man, and I see my opinion was well founded. Would you like to see photos of the swords and the Hitler Youth dagger?  Those and the other items I have mentioned before are still available. Sincerely, Jerry


German Helmet

I will resist adding a fictitious Lady’s name however I feel sure it happens.

 My concern is that these testimonials are so perfect that  others might lift and use them .


I am delighted to have come across a recommendation despite the general slur about U.K. websites WW2  have been recommended!


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Hello friend, I will give you a list of my registration, check, review and study your products, before you buy please investigate … luck

For personal experience I do not recommend the English sites and I recommend the Germans, in fact, weitze is a great dealer.
Also, as they said, this is a good place to start …

( I have removed the other recommended website to help illustrate our listing I have no idea who the author is )



Many Thanks David Mattey it is comforting  to be in your good books

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