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As our name suggests we are dedicated militaria buyers!

If you wish to earn commission through recommendations

Call or email now and introduce yourself.

learn how to find things that we wish to buy .


You may wish to tell your friends & family?

5% introductory commission paid for militaria leads!

They will thank you and we will reward you with an immediate payment of 10% of our total paid for purchases !

If we spend a now typical £10,000 on buying a collection then we will transfer an immediate £1000 to you for your help!.

Study our priced images they are an invaluable  guide!

5% introductory commission

We are happy to cover purchases everywhere around the globe.
We buy military history memorbilia from all conflicts and all periods.

We are buying all types of edged weapons, trench art, military photo albums, uniforms, helmets, military letters, military scrapbooks.

We are militaria buyers primarily buying in Europe and the USA.

El Alamein

If you wish to sell something for the correct price why not give us a call today.

We are always looking for agents who are routinely and discreetly rewarded.

we offer cash to the value of 5% of the total paid for items “agents” have directed us to ..
We are always buying!

If you don’t have anything to sell your self may we recommend you ask friends fellow collectors and relatives.

5% can add up to a healthy commission considering that our average private purchases are in the high hundreds and thousands  .

We do not fob off customers with the

promise of  paying  “fair prices?”

We pay you your researched prices .

As a rule this equates to 65-75% of a dealer’s

advertised /ticket prices.

We are militaria buyers requiring all kinds of  associated collectibles & memorabilia.

All wars & conflicts from

any period are within our field  .

If you know of people with items of military memorabilia to sell please remember to put our name forward we will always pay you our customary 5% introductory commission .

By paying fair prices and actively developing a good reputation, agents and direct sellers return to sell to us, they are also likely to recommend us to relatives.

 We reward agents every step of the way

not just at the first point of recommendation.

If subsequent sales occur with any customer the agent who brokered the initial transaction will receive  subsequent commissions.

How do we value your militaria?
As a seller, it is in your best interest to have a price in mind when you offer

us military antiques.

This lets us as the militaria buyer know you have conducted research and that you understand the value of your item.

We buy and sell militaria antiques & collectibles every day this gives us a good understanding of the current market.

We generally buy at your full asking price your .

If we feel your prepared asking price does not match the marketplace we will make every effort to  negotiate a deal which is fare and suits you.

If we can not find a mutually agreeable price, you will have lost nothing but gained our opinion with the option of returning to us at a later point.

Military history fascinates us . We understand  the emotional connection which influences interest and consequently the prices.

How to appraise your militaria collection
Every day the internet gets better for researching. The most important key to comparing your militaria with online offerings is to find completed sales.

The sold price is a good indicator current market price.

Current prices carry more weight that old prices. Keep in mind, during the financial bubble militaria prices were inflated, few antiques bring the same prices they brought before the “great recession”. Don’t be discouraged, prices have slowly improved so it is a good time to sell.

Often sellers have a financial goal in mind when they decide to sell. If you have multiple items to sell it is very helpful to let us know so we can work with you towards your goal.

War Relics Purchased

We want  your business
We are avid militaria buyers every day in the international marketplace. We frequently conduct research to help understand  the ever changing market place. This research gives us the confidence to offer you a fair price. Once we come to an agreement we are responsible for the safety, storage, and marketing. You have become a successful seller.

Some people enjoy the experience so much they go out and look for more militaria.
It’s time to make your move.
If you’ve made it this far down the page, you must be a motivated seller. We’re ready to earn your business. Make us an offer we can’t refuse. You’ll get our valuation guide and then ideas of we can buy from you.

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