Over 45 years David Mattey of WW2buyer.com has acquired experience and know-how in the buying 

  and selling  medals & militaria.

David explains that Selling a complete collection to WW2buyer.com is both easy and transparent.

In addition to providing medals and militaria to museums, investment groups and advanced collectors, David is always happy share his opinions & know-how  even if  transactions are a long way off.

Selling Medals & Militaria.

  • WW2 Buyer Provide Payment In Advance Through “Paypal”

  • Any Duty And All Shipping Costs Are Paid For By WW2buyer.com

  •  Efficient, simple, and secure shipping.

  •  Collection buying (and disposal) planning.

  • Collection insurance  valuations.

  •  Free Advice offered for conservation of collections

War Relics Purchased 

Selling Medals & Militaria.

Selling medals & militaria  on consignment  is a great way to capitalise on achieving greater market prices .



For Tommy Helmets

Consignment selling may better suit those

who have purchased items

in a strong market and who cannot afford to take a hit on the purchase price. 



 During the last ten years since the inception of WW2 Buyer,com David has been privileged to oversee  a number of exceptional medal, and militaria sales. as a result,   many of our long-term client-buyers, , are also some of our most loyal, c. We also hold an excellent track-record for consistently achieving superior prices for  medals and militaria.

 Whatever you propose selling be it an advanced collection or a solitary medal  we will promptly advise you of the sales options.

5% introductory commission

List Price of Militaria

Delivering great prices is what keeps us in the position we have enjoyed over the years.

prospective sellers looking to achieve an ‘immediate sale’ will have to take into account the dynamics of the market . If we invest cash over an indeterminable period we will pay 65% of the regularly asked prices found on dealers list . in comparison, successfully selling on consignment, might in the longer term produce figures of 100% list price less commision (Flexible) .Consignment Sales with David Mattey of WW2buyer.com are easy, efficient, and transparent. we agree a return figure based on research which might amount to up to 80%-95% of the researched price 

   ingredients which ensure that we consistently deliver great sales include .

  • Global reach. Twenty countries. Five continents.

  •  Loyal client-buyer (collector) database. Target market, high net worth individuals and organisations who actively collect or enjoy making individual militaria purchases.

  • Strategic planning. Our strategic approach to selling is underpinned by “hands on” traditions store based trading , Accurate product descriptions, access and promotion vis social media ,



Consignment Contract of Sale. Signed by the seller and David Mattey. The Consignment Contract of Sale defines the agreed terms between the Vendor & Arundel Antiques Market ltd. including  terms of sale, fees, time-frame, Vendor-specific requirements, plus WW2buyer’s general terms & conditions.

Pre-Sales Valuations are subject to a zero fees where prospective Vendors choose not to sell their properities either on consignment, or directly to WW2buyer.com.

Estate visits are subject to a minimum fee, plus out-of-pocket expenses.


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