War Relics Purchased .


We Pay By “Paypal” Or C.O.D. Our Offers/Valuations Are Given At No Cost.

We Cover Shipping And Provide Advice On Every Stage Of The Process. We Are A Genuine Brick Built High Street Operation . 

The Options Open to Those Faced With The Task Of Selling WW2 Items Are Confusing.


Broadly Speaking Thier Are Two Viable Options

 Auctioneers Or Dedicated Specialist Dealers ?

Auctioneers Work On Commissions Collected From Both Seller And Buyer.

So Immediately You Must Be Prepared To Give Away Close To 50% of The Actual Sale Value.

Funcke & Brüninghaus (L/56)

 Dedicated Specialist Dealers Will Buy Everything From You Directly But Will Pay At Lease 70% Of The True Value In Many Cases  .


To Maximise Your Ability To Achieve The Best Price Don’t Be Lazy .

Go On-line Using Google Picture Search To Establish What You Have.

Dealers in SS

For Example Enter/ Type In “German Dagger” Or “German Helmet” Having Selected “Picture Search” You Will Be Met With Pages Of Images Of Daggers Or Helmets.

Wheatcroft Collection

By Clicking On The Images Of The Model You Have  You Will Be Able To  Establish The Description Of What You Have And The Prices Dealers Are Asking.

War Relics Purchased



War Relics Purchased




War Relics Purchased


War Relics Purchased

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