NAZI Badges Collections purchased.

At World War 2 Buyer.

Before Deciding To Contact Myself  Or Other Specialists, Let Ms Explain Who I Am .


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My Name Is David Mattey .

I Manage A Genuine

Registered High Street Militaria Store.

Buying Collections Of Military Items

I Specialise In Buying Collections Of Military Items At The Correct Established Market Value.NAZI Badges Collections purchased!

Never Send Your Militaria To Auction


This Is Not Just Another Interesting Looking Website?

One Which Operates From Somebody’s Bedroom .

I Run A Brick Built Militaria Themed Store In A Fantastic Tourist Location.



selling militaria collections

My High Street Store Is A Permanently Changing  Collection Which Requires Constant Replenishment. 

I Can And Do Pay More For Militaria Than You Can Achieve At Auction..NAZI Badges Collections purchased

WW2 Militaria Collecting

WW2 Militaria Collecting

I Realise That Sending Items Off To Auction Was Once A Good Option Open To Sellers .

If  You Do Go Down The Auction Route You May Be Sacrificing 40%-50% Of The Item’s true value!.

Valuation Of Nazi Militaria?

The Sound Advice Offered Below Applies To Many Areas Militaria And Medals .

Step 1) Obtain A Valuation .

This Can Be Achieved By Viewing Recorded Selling Prices On-Line ..

Step 2) Contact The Nations Largest Miitaria Themed Shop (Antiques & Militaria) Or A Specialist Of Your Choice .

Step 3) Broker A Deal, Then Collect Complete Payment Directly From Or Who Ever You Think Can Afford To Offer The Best Deal?

Wheatcroft Collection

Consignment service selling militaria .

NAZI Badges Collections purchased or taken on a sale or return basis.

I offer personal assurances that I will pay you more than others, however if you are eager to maximise your return over time our transparent consignment selling service

may better you .

NAZI Badges Collections purchased

All of the items offered to Museums by us  are sourced from veterans, private Collections, or are still owned by Collectors.

We sell them on behalf of the collector more frequently now the sons and daughters of WW2 veterans. In time you will  maximise the return on your inheritance or investment  Attempting to sell the item to a Dealer will generally result in a lower price.

I make my living in the Historic Militaria  business I am am no longer a collector I do not believe that veterans and their families should be sympathetic to advertisers who claim to be collectors .

NAZI Badges Collections purchased

My colleagues and myself  have  years of collecting experience between us, experience covering all areas including Antique Weapons, Napoleonic, Victorian, WW1 and WW2 Militaria and foremost  3rd Reich Items.

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From Our Investor’s perspective I offer a wider selection of quality items at a price which includes guaranteed authenticity.

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 If you have family items you wish to part with please give us a call or send us an email.

Artefacts and their study can help educate impressionable minds on how and why the Holocaust happened.

I believe that the preservation of historic artefacts and the accurate recording of history may help prevent such atrocious events reoccurring. 


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