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Faced with the task of selling a cherished militaria collection what is your best option ?

Laws Restricting The sale of NAZI memorabilia

If you are considering selling a large and varied militaria collection in the U.K. or U.S.A.  WW2 Buyer.com is the acquisitions website for an established high street militaria and antiques shop. By choosing to sell to a traditional store based specialist you can expect an enthusiastic reception.

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Our high-street militaria store is a famous destination who’s sales and offers out perform  internet only businesses  .

El Alamein

We have the edge on  other militaria buyers  especially those who trade solely on the heavily colonised web.

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We are a safe destination for those wishing to sell bayonets and swords .


militaria specialists

We can and do provide a complete personal service with competitive prices paid for collections valued between £150———£50,000.. Or the Dollar equivalent.

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