Sell Militaria At Auction

 As our website’s title might suggest

we are actively engaged in the acquisition of second world war memorabilia .

Our site is frequently contacted by people

who have items from WWII they wish to sell .

Some seem pleasantly surprised to find

their items are worth hundreds or even thousands !

Our advertising is targeted and image based therefore we

expect to attract a good number of  rare and expensive items !.

For the most part however more

often than not we see items which are
“common” or “fairly common”.

trench art

 Following several recent inquiries, I have decided to put this page
together to try and answer some 
of the questions related

to selling an item you might have,

and give visitors to the WW2Buyer website our philosophy and some 

thoughts about this topic.  


Our dealing  philosophy

 We are no longer collectors ourselves !


We started off as collectors in our youth

and are still intrigued by the history behind each item.

We do not believe commercial websites should claim to be collectors .

Sellers should get a fare market price for all

items this should not be manipulated by false 

 notion that goods are being purchased by a collector? 

We enjoy conducting research especially that relating to  military service.

 Our costs include “Paypal” fees shipping 

import duty and taxes when buying from overseas .

Our Buying philosophy:

99 times out of a 100, if we are offered WW2 items we are successful in acquiring them.

We do not buy at auction firstly because our customers want fresh to market items with genuine provenance and secondly because  they are a ” Rip off” charging both vendor and buyer a commission.
We sell to museums and WWII collectors from Norway, Australia, Germany, England, France, Russia, Japan, Belgium
and Canada.

The majority of the items we purchase come

from the families of the veteran who bought them home.

WWII Does not always = Expensive or Rare!

Most likely, you will not be able to retire and

live in the lap of luxury by selling off those WWII
items that dad or grandpa brought home from the war!

 There are a great many items from the
war that are quite expensive to purchase and extremely valuable.

 If you have a nice SS
Chained daggers in mint condition,

you might be on your way.

 However, there are more
items that were produced in the hundreds

of thousands that has some value, but not enough

a mint Iron Cross First Class Screwback version.

Just because an item is German in origin or has a

swastika on it, doesn’t mean it’s worth
thousands  Like all major countries involved in the war,

Germany produced items in the hundreds of
thousands.  Every government building had a flag,

every city had a flag, every German
parade contained hundreds of flags.

 But, while some flags still carry a very high value, others
may only command a fair value at best.  

It’s a case by case basis.  At the same time, some
German postcards are worth x,

and others may be worth xxx (Obviously the latter is not nearly as common.)
In general, the overall condition, the maker of the item, and the accessories accompanying
the item are what determine the difference in value of a particular item from another item
similar to it.  Items that were produced in the hundreds of thousands are really not very rare
and do not command a high price.  And, many collectors are specific to a particular portion of
the war in what they collect.  (i.e. – Hitler Youth, Army Air Corp, U-boat items, American Navy
items, etc.)  So while an item may not be worth anything to one collector, it may be worth
more to one who specialized in items of that type or branch.
Dealers:  Dealers should generally offer somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 70% of the
value of an item to a seller, otherwise they can not re-sell the item and make any profit.
Nothing wrong with this, it’s a matter of business.  As a private collector, I will obviously pay
more for an item.  It also means that the item will continue to be well preserved and kept in my
collection.  If the seller has the history behind the item, that is always a plus and makes the
item more interesting for me personally.  Many times, some of these very expensive items
listed on dealer sites are still there 6 months later.  Just because an item is listed on the
internet, doesn’t mean it will sell at that amount, it’s simply what the dealer is asking for the
And unfortunately, when dealers buy lots or groupings of items, they will generally sell of each
item one by one.  Again, nothing wrong with it I guess, it’s their business to make money.  But
for me, I hate the see one person’s items broken up and scattered apart from each other.  I
would much prefer to see the items stay together to tell the story of this one individual and the
details behind their career.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  I am always happy to answer emails

and always interested in hearing from other collectors and the families of our veterans.If you have an item that has some value but isn’t of interest to me or a fellow
collector I know, I will always be happy to identify the item, provide an opinion as to
it’s value, and point you in the right direction where you may be able to sell it.

Now to your item(s)!:

I am always happy to receive emails from people who have WWII items they would like to
have and can begin to establish it’s value for you.
I promise to provide a fair price for the item, whether or not the item is of interest to me.  The
collecting markets fluctuates as does anything working off supply and demand, but overall,
we should be able to get you a fair idea of the value of your item.
If the item is something I am interested in, I will happily pay cash for the item (if you’re close
by) or I can use PAYPAL to make payment for the item.  I am located in Torrance, California.  I
am always happy to make arrangements to meet with sellers who are close by.
Please feel free to contact me at and let’s see what you
have.  If you’re the relative of a veteran and want to get rid of a grouping of items, I will
happily keep the items grouped together and ensure their preservation as a whole.  For me, it
is always an honor to be entrusted with the details and items from a serviceman’s military
career for others to enjoy and admirer.
Thank you for taking the time to look over this page……..I look forward to hearing from yo

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