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The Term Militaria Covers The Spectrum Of Collectable War Related Souvenirs.

Militaria a

A Militaria Enthusiast Might Just Have A 1907 Pattern Bayonet, A  Draw Filled With Regimental Buttons Or A Museum Scale Collection.


Whilst the term militaria is mainly associated with items plucked from battlefields for example a WW1 Bayonet ,”Militaria” also covers home front items .

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Helmets ,Medals, Uniforms, Badges ,Tanks, Gas Masks , Flags, and bayonets are all items typically encountered at “Militaria Fairs”

Militaria forums

Militaria Fairs

Militaria Fairs Were Once The

 Exclusive Hunting Ground For Collectors Of Militaria.

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The Current Generation Of Enthusiasts Inhabit Internet Militaria Forums Trading Between Themselves And Sharing Tips On Authentication.

Militaria medals

Militaria Forums

Internet Forums Are The

 Fountain of Knowledge 

 Militaria More Than Any Other Area Of Collecting Is Polluted  With Fakes And The Bad Guys Behind Them.

Less Than One Per Cent Of Nazi SS Items For Example On Offer Are Genuine ,With A Further Proportion Having Been Restored!




By Registering With An Internet Forum The Novice Militaria Collector Can Study Threads Of Conversations Or Debates On Any Subject They Choose With The Option Of Adding Thier Own Observations And Questions.

This Sounds Like Fun However These Forums Are Certain To Have The Effect Of Denying A Novice Militaria Collector The Opportunity Of Ever Bagging A Bargain.


Never Sell Militaria At Auction Again ! You Will Obtain A Guaranteed 25%-40% More by selling Directly To .


A Member To Member Messaging System Is In Place .

 If You Post Something Good For Discussion On These Forums That Say Your Grandfather Picked Up At Normandy.

You May Well Receive A Deluge Of Private Messages From Well Meaning Collectors (DEALERS !) Who Will Offer You A Knock Down Price To Sell It!.





Calculate The Correct value Of Nazi Militaria

El Alamein


. First world war militaria collectors are likely to have a deactivated SMLE 303 Rifle in their collection and a “Brodie” helmet .

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First world War medal collectors are drawn in by the research of the recipients of medals and awards held within their collection . 

Militaria events feature battle re-enactment groups who are catered for by suppliers of replica militaria .

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