If you are confused by the term Arundel Militaria let me try to help.


 If we were a deactivated gun specialist trading in Arundel we would adopt the title Arundel Deactivated Guns .. If we were Deactivated Gun specialists anywhere in the world we would adopt the appropriate title for example

“London Deactivated Guns”

Arundel Militaria

The Term Arundel Militaria is confusing to hundreds of people who contact us each year believing we are the Arundel Militaria .com ..

nazi 1939 medal

Ironically The website named Arundel Militaria operates nearer to Wales than Arundel . Approximately 98% of their business is trading in deactivated guns not traditional Militaria .

the British 2nd Armoured Brigade

So for yet another year disappointed pilgrims who flock to Arundel expecting to sell us guns or examine items listed on the Arundel Militaria Website . Please be aware that we are the Militaria dealers in Arundel .

Not the Deactivated gun dealers near Wales.?

We certainly do not want further shotguns and

other section five weapons delivered to us .

We are simple Militaria Dealers In Arundel never gun dealers near Wales .

8X60 Binoculars Wanted !

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