Militaria Collections

Militaria Collections

Knighs Cross Of The War Merit Cross nazi dagger 

Militaria stores of the traditional “bricks and mortar” variety  are few and fare between .


Collectors tend to evolve into dealers.

Militaria stores

They either commence

 trading online or at Militaria markets .

nazi medals

If you live in ,or are visiting Sussex Antiques & Militaria is a Shop worth visiting .

Militaria buyers

Part of this U.K. Militaria shop is taken over into a Militaria Market.


where traders can represent themselves on a shelf or with their own cabinet .

German Helmet Dealers

The Joys of visiting  a U.K. Militaria shop are are obvious  judging by the reactions of our visitors .

British uniforms

Immersion into a themed store complete with period music playing from a Wurlitzer Jukebox adds another dimension to the experience of collecting .

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