Selling a Militaria Collection

Selling a Militaria Collection
Militaria Collections

Selling a militaria Collection

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For the  cyber savvy person

There’s obviously e-bay to consider when selling a Caterpillar club badge or indeed a sizeable militaria collection but you need to think about various things;

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Third Reich Stuff And Weapons Are Banned !:

                                                       selling militaria collections
How long will it take to photograph and accurately describe all your items in order to put them on eBay (or any one of the auction websites)?

Caterpiller Club  Badge

Will you sell them in batches or singly?

Do you have an e-bay account and paypal, and if so can you get the money off them?

Are you aware of the overheads on eBay, which can be up to 10%?

Will you limit the countries you sell you (ie not Italy ‘cos nothing ever gets there) and how much will you charge for P&P?

                                                            selling a militaria collection

Militaria Fairs? Do you have a local militaria fair? If so where and how often and how many dealers attend? Would it be worth taking a stall yourself? Bearing in mind that dealers want to make money off everything they buy will there be a dealer for the type of stuff you take along and will you be offered a fair price?
Ditto local antiques shops – same questions as 2) above.


 Do you have a local auction house and if so does it do militaria sales? What commission would they charge you? Are sales well attended? The correct specialist will always pay more than an auction will return to you!

                                          The Correct Specialist 
 Would it be worth getting in touch with a dedicated specialist like WW2 ?.

WW2 buyer have a prime high street retail store in a historic location .You can achieve phenomenal prices for really high quality items, We also buy quantities of  lower value Buttons.Patches,Etc .

Sellers retain absolute control over the prices you accept and achieve .Famously we charge a little more so we can pay you a little more !.
All purchases are strictly cash and confidential .we only require a snap of your I.D. which we retain only for a short period.

If  you require a free expert valuation or already know your asking price we and are looking to sell items of militaria?

 We buy historic items of militaria  from all periods whilst specializing in World War II items.

We have a wealth of knowledge covering

many conflicts and worldwide.

This means we can offer you top dollar for your military items.

We buy your item directly paying the full agreed price then cover all shipping and “Paypal” fees, please call us today. We look forward to helping you with all your militaria selling needs.

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