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German Helmet Dealers

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German Helmet Dealers


German Helmet Dealers

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WWII German Helmets
Our WW2

German Helmet interests includes German Kriegsmarine helmets, German Heer (army) helmets, German Luftwaffe (air force) helmets, Luftschutz helmets and more. German Helmets are the iconic WWII Collectible for many Museums and collectors to display.A number of design models were produced by Germany and used in WW2, such as the M42 German Heer (Army) Helmet, which was the last wartime upgrade to the standard helmet in 1942, some collectors choose to focus only on collecting helmets!
Caution should be taken when considering a German Helmet for purchase since there are a great deal of reproductions on the market today, some using original helmets, but reproduction decals and paint.

luftwaffe sd m40 helmet b

M1940 (M40) Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmets

Geman helmet Restoration


Great examples of a complete and 100% original M40 Luftwaffe helmets with 95% of the second pattern, (Circa 1936/1937-1945), Luftwaffe eagle decals remaining. Paint being 98%, with average scuffs and scratching. Original liners and chinstraps Manufacturers mark is “Q”, size 64.
luftwaffe camo helmets


Nice Single Decal M1942 Luftwaffe Camouflage helmets.
Painted tones of light and dark greens, browns and a lighter beige applied either  by hand.
These helmets show paint with  the normal dings from use, but also texture from the various  paint application(s).
The paint may shows signs of being scrubbed; removal of one camo application for another camo applications for different environments…

Heer (Army) Tropical Pith Helmets

Heer (Army) DD Transitional Austrian M16 Helmets

Transitional Double Decal Helmets. having nice exterior paint, with both the standard Heer decal on the left-hand side, and the national tri-color decal on the right.

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M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmets – Period Repaint Back to Luftwaffe Gray

M40 Luftwaffe Tropical Camo Helmets

Kriegsmarine Administration Official’s White Pith Helmets

Luftschutz Three-Piece Beaded Gladiator Helmets

Luftschutz 3-piece Gladiator-style helmet, complete with original liner and chin-strap. Everything about this helmet is absolutely beautiful! The chinstrap, though rigid and showing signs of age, is in extremely good condition. The liner is the same; aside from a fair amount of dust that was present at the time the helmet was acquired. Decal is 98%. Paint has average scratching and scuffs.

Luftschutz Czech Capture Helmet

M1938 (M38) Fallschirmjäger Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmets sporting  single decals and Thale manufacturing trademark “ET”, sizes 66 68.

                                                            German Helmet Dealers

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                                                            German Helmet Dealers

German Helmet Experts 

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German Helmet Dealers

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German Helmet Dealers

German Helmet Dealers

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German Helmet Dealers

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