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Arundel Militaria Dealer’s Objective 

Selling a militaria Collection

To Become The Nation’s Premier Direct Cash Buyers Of Militaria.

R.A.F. Oxygen Mask

In Our Ever Enlightened World  Sellers Can

Obtain Valuations And Sell Militaria Directly For Cash.

cash buyers of militaria

In an effort to clear any confusion

we are the only Militaria Store operating in Arundel .

Arundel Militaria Dealers

The Stock we offer as Arundel Militaria dealers in physically stored in Arundel in our High Street Store and warehouse.

antique militaria

antique militaria

After three years of operating in our prime High street store we have exceeded our hopes and expectations.

auctioneers commision

More and more enlightened sellers are turning to dedicated professionals rather than gambling their assets away in increasingly fickle auctions.

Arundel Militaria Dealers

For every headline story reporting one record price achieved a thousand predictable lots struggle to make the suggested reserve price.

Once the salerooms have taken thier 40% share from both seller then buyer

sellers miss out on making the most of their militaria’s potential.

If you sell me a Battle of britain oxygen mask for say £2000 you will receive immediate cash.

If I pay £2000 to an auctioneer for the identical item the seller only receives


 Arundel Militaria Dealers

We are not a virtual operation .

We are traditional store based traders with real items for you to view handle  and to purchase.

Online traders all to often have nothing more than a bunch of pictures showing items long since sold.

 Arundel Militaria Dealers

Being Arundel Militaria dealers is not our only source of income .Visitors to 18 high Street Arundel BN18-9Ab will experience an ever changing collection of Deactivated guns ,Edged Weapons , Battle of britain oxygen masks, Motoring and travel related models, and a thousand other items,

dealers in militaria

 We Comply With U.K.Laws pertaining to edged weapons . If you require advice on deactivation or selling of firearms contact “Worthing Guns”

 Arundel Militaria Dealers

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