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Flying Helmets ,Oxygen Masks ,

Mk 8 Goggles.

Pilot’s Logbooks,

and all things R.A.F.

Pilot’s Logbooks



Selling a militaria Collection

Please contact us at WW2 Buyer if you have any Flying Helmets that you are looking to part with at the full potential market value .


junkers 88 shot down poling west sussex

junkers 88 shot down poling west sussex


We are always happy to provide free estimates of your Flying Helmet’s value based on 30 years collecting then dealing experience.

Pilots log book

If you are wishing to bequeath a flying helmet to a Museum let us point you in the direction of one where your item might actually be displayed and enjoyed .


Other RAF tems that are of interest to us include flying clothing, escape / evasion kit, log books, medals, autographs, pamphlets, RAF station paraphernalia, aircrew photos, etc. etc

Aircrew logbooks

We have access to a collection of aircrew logbooks from the second world war.

These form a very useful resource for those researching the history of a particular unit, station or aircraft, or an operation or campaign.  require original RAF logbooks and pay fairly judging by our success rate. are grateful to those who have shared scans of logbooks in their possession.


We are based in the South of England however we are prepared to travel to view collections and to provide transport and valuation of flying helmets..

Flying Helmet

Valuation of Flying Helmets.



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Trends in the collecting of militaria are governed by a number of elements .

Flying Helmets ,Oxygen Masks ,

Mk 8 Goggles.

Pilot’s Logbooks,

and all things R.A.F

Militaria show

The release of a blockbuster film dealing with D-Day some years back saw a huge demand for militaria from the Normandy campaign .


The massive interest in WW2

re-enactment has exposed a new generation of collectors to the charms of British WW2 Kit.


One constant area of interest  is “The Royal Air Force of 1940” .

R.A.F.Log Books

In particular The R.A.F.’s roll in the protection of the U.K. during the summer of 1940.inspires collectors..

valuation of RAF

“The Battle of Britain”  is still within living memory however It’s significance will not be forgotten .

RAF Life Vest


As time moves on the interest and demand for RAF Militaria  from the period grows whilst the availability of exhibits and artifacts dwindle ..

Flying Helmet

If you are selling a leather flying helmet or simply require a free valuation giving R.A.F Flying Helmet Prices.

RAF Wanted

We are cash buyers of militaria so for those of you who wish to obtain the researched value of your items without donating a large slice of the pie to an auctioneer contact us.

cash buyers of militaria

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Valuation of WW2 RAF Flying Helmets.

R.A.F. Dealers

 R.A.F Flying Helmet Prices as for all types worn by allied a axis forces during the second world war are equally  desirable .

1936 pattern flying boots


 o R.A.F flying Helmet Prices have improved steadily in recent years .Once the province of a corps of collectors R.A.F. Flying Helmets have drawn the attention of professional speculators. 

Leather Flying Helmet Prices

Leather Flying Helmet Prices

When making our Leather flying helmet valuations factors that must be considered include Size.

Valuation of Flying Helmets.

Consider the advantages of selling directly to the premier cash buyers of militaria .

cash buyers of militaria


Flying Helmet Wanted


(R.A.F Flying Helmet Prices Larger Sizes are more desirable with collectors)

Goggles Battle Of


Early examples especially those who played a roll during the Battle of Britain demand greater interest and consequently higher R.A.F Flying Helmet Prices..

 Leather Flying Helmet Valuation PricesLeather Flying Helmet Prices


Naturally examples of higher Leather flying helmet valuations will occur when original subtle condition is encountered.

sussex coins

Leather Flying Helmet Prices We strive to be the nations premier cash buyers of militaria.militaria shop uk


High end collectors with the bigger budget avoid Flying helmets in deteriorated condition or those with later modifications.

The presence of wiring loomed will significantly increase a leather flying helmet valuation.

Valuation of WW2 RAF Flying Helmets.

Valuation of WW2 RAF Flying Helmets.

Valuation of WW2 RAF Flying Helmets.


Our Arundel High Street Store Provides Us with a regular and ever evolving clientèle.

Goodwood Tangmere

Our proximity to Goodwood and The Tangmere aviation museum insures that we frequently in conversation with Battle of Britain Enthusiasts.

 R.A.F Flying Helmet Prices

Collectors who buy R.A.F flying kit from us seem happy to pay a little more than advertised prices .

militaria fairs uk

First hand viewing combined with our unconditional guarantees gives added confidence to investors who may have encountered dissapointment’s when buying on-line.

For anyone wishing to sell collections we invite you to get in contact..We Buy All Pre 1950 Genuine Flying Kit.

Recently We Acquired A Collection Valued at £30000 By A Respected Auction House.

Valuation of WW2 RAF Flying Helmets.

We Paid The Full amount Immediately Saving the vendor Time Potential losses in commission. 

R.A.F . Goggles Price

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