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Our Objective Has always Been To Become The Nations Premier Cash buyers Of Militaria

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How Do I Obtain A Free Valuation For WW2 Items?

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

To obtain the best price for any single item of militaria can be achieved by shopping around and calculating who to ask.

Arundel Antiques

For our part we are enthusiastic buyers of militaria for good reason .

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

 We are continually re stocking our museum store which is it’s a tourist attraction.

How  to obtain a free valuation for WW2 items ?

uas militaria

ww2 dagger

This is a question we at WW2 can answer .

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

the internet provides the wise sellers of militaria with access to just what on-line dealers are asking for items “List Price of Militaria”.

Museum Buyers Of Military Antiques

In many cases this makes it easy for such vendors to list their items on Ebay at a slightly lower price with the expectation

of finding a buyer at the established “Market Value”

battle of britain Flying Helmet

. Nazi daggers and other Third Reich items which display the Swastika are however banned from being offered

on Ebay as with many other traditional auction houses.

South Africa medals

So in the absence of knowing a series of collectors your self, the seller of Nazi Artefacts is likely to contact a dealer.

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knowing just how a dealer operates is important before you approach them.


Firstly one must ask oneself is the dealer genuine?

Pointer such as.

Do they operate from a commercial premises (Shop) ?

 Do they display a V.A.T. Number ?

 Do they have a good reputation for selling militaria ?

 Have they an established clientèle?


 Our High street store “Antiques & Militaria” sits beside Arundel Castle.

 We are always under pressure to find  new exhibits to attract collectors.

 We frequently buy from online militaria dealers who struggle to obtain good prices

in an overpopulated sector.

 by selling your militaria directly to us you will cut out the middleman and avoid

 time and financial sacrifice asso ciated with

other forms of selling.

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Simply send an image and details of of what you have and we will supply you with a valuation backed up by the opportunity of selling militaria directly to us. It is perhaps worth considering WW2buyer,com is the buying website for our high street store and museum.

german buckle

unlike web based traders we host a permanent museum style display.additionally we are sited next to a castle one which attracts receptive buyers from around the world.

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

So if you are selling Daggers ,Medals,Bayonets,Helmets etc contact us to obtain a second opinion..

militaria dealers U.K.

Secondly over the last Forty years of trading we have developed an unequalled loyal customer base.

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

Investment groups buy directly from paying a little above the established market value.. They buy safe in the knowledge that items have been obtained from the families of ww2 veterans. then further scrutinised by experts who verify authenticity ..

nazi daggers U.K. German army Daggers are something we require and pay the correct market price for.

Free valuation for WW2 Items ?

German Luftwaffe Dagger

Before the formation of the Luftwaffe ,the Higher D.L.V. Officers wore a long dagger as pictured above .

militaria collection

These sword like arms  proved to be to long for daily ware so when the Luftwaffe a shorter regulation weapon was introduced. Original DLV Daggers were shortened to conform with the regulations.

German medal 1939

 We Comply With U.K.Laws pertaining to edged weapons .

German dagger specialists

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