Valuation WW2 Polish Medals

Valuation WW2 Polish Medals

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First world war medals


The Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross ( Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino)

Polish militaria is a commemorative medal

Awarded to all soldiers of the Polish second corps who fought in the the battle of montecassino and the battles for Piedimia and Passo corno


After the capture of Monte casino in May 1944, the Polish government in exile in London created a campaign cross to

commemorate the role of the Polish II Corps (often known as Anders Army) in capturing this strategic point,

which had long blocked the Allied advance up the Italian peninsula.

The Iron Cross Knights

A consignment of 50,000 crosses was ordered from a manufacturer in Tel Aviv 

then part of British-ruled Palestine, where the Polish forces had spent part of 1942 and almost all of 1943 in training.

A total of 48,498 crosses (serial numbers 1 to 48,498) were awarded with accompanying award documents issued in

the field to each soldier who took part in the battle. Although it is commonly believed that no master record

exists to indicate which serial numbers were given to specific soldiers, records do indicate which blocks

of serial numbers were given to units within the Polish II Corps. Furthermore, the actual lists of named cross

recipients are held at the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum

Nazi Sword

The 1502 un-awarded crosses (serial numbers 48,499 to 50,000) were eventually sold off

to dealers and collectors.At the moment of its institution in June 1944, the medal was 19th in the Polish order of presidence


The Cross of Merit with Swords

polish war merit cross


The Cross of Merit with Swords

 (Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami)

 Polish military award established October 19, 1942, by the Polish Government in exile 

caterpiller badge value



The Cross of Merit with Swords is awarded for deeds of bravery and valor during time of war not connected

with direct combat, and for merit demonstrated in perilous circumstances.

The cross may be awarded twice in each grade to the same one hundred pound egg person


The Polish Army Medal for War 1939-45 

The Polish Army Medal for War 1939-45 

( Medal Wojska za Wojne 1939-45)

Medal was created in 1945 by the Polish Government in excile (in London) to reward members of the Polish ground forces for service

during the second world war . The criteria for eligibility was six months operational service or twelve months non operational .



The Polish Cross of Valour.

Walecznych 1944. 

The Polish Cross of Valour.

In January 1940 the Polish Commander-in-Chief,Wladyslaw Sikorski , issued an order reintroducing the Cross of Valour.

On 20th September,

the President of Poland agreed to award the medal to eligible individuals who had already been awarded it four times during the

 Polish – Soviet War. 


People’s Republic of Poland

In 1943, after the Battle of Lenino, General Zygmund Burling, commander of the Soviet-backed Polish

First corps, awarded the Cross of Valour to several soldiers. The medal itself was approved as a military

decoration by order of the Home National Council on 22 December 1944. Until 1947, some 40,000 of the medals had been awarded to

Polish soldiers fighting alongside the Red Army.


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