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This is a good opportunity for the advanced collector to acquire a superior example of the Rare Deluxe Hunting Cutlass circa 1938. This being the top of the range offered by the Eickhorn catalogue  model number #1711.

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 The cutlass has survived in unsharpened and untouched condition since 1945 when it was bought back by a returning serviceman .

It comes complete with original period accoutrements these being ” knot ,Green frog and Army sword belt loop” these #1711 are overall shorter than the standard pieces it is understood that Herman Goring personally approved this design.

The cutlass is seventeen inches in length. The cutlass  has elaborate  silvered mounts featuring an oak leaf motif. At the pommel cap, the tang nut takes the form of an acorn and exhibits hand cut detail.

The top of the pommel cap below features raised out oak leaves, which run around the upper surface, overlapping each other.!

The sides of the pommel are again decorated with raised, overlapping oak leaves. The ferrule below has yet more oak leaves to the centre area, and they are bordered on both sides with raised beads .

The crossguard features oak leaf sprigs over a contrasting plain ground. The quilions  take the form of of deer hooves, having deer hairs on the legs, which are hand enhanced both terminating in a hoof, the left side jutting upward and the right side jutting downward in the traditional hunting cutlass style.

Below the crossguard is a beautiful clamshell with a design only featured on the Eickhorn deluxe model. It consists of a game bird which is known as a “capercaille”.

Pilots log book The Eagle is resting on a branch of oak leaves, and seems to be tweeting with its beak and head extended upward, with its wings downward.

Again, there is evidence of hand enhancing throughout this impressive bird.

caterpiller Badges IrvinThe grip of this piece is also a real eye-catcher. The size of the genuine antler was selected as its proportions nearly fit the pommel and ferrule with minimal trimming. This antler has very deep, coffee tones in the recesses, and has superb, raised, grains which are a golden colour on their tips. In the centre of the grip, just where it turns to the left, is applied a matching correct original silvered hunting insignia. This insignia features the head of a large stag, having rays between the antlers, and in the centre a mobile swastika. Catapiller-Club-RAFNext to the deer head are the initials of the organization, “DJ”. These initials stand for “Deutsches Jager”. A very impressive hilt here, in top condition! The scabbard shell has a composition base which is covered in attractive, green, grained, leather. This leather is decorated with twin lines which run the length of both sides. The leather throughout still has its original grain, and remains in perfect condition. The scabbard mounts are silvered, matching the hilt exactly. These mounts have scalloped edges where they meet the leather. The upper mount is decorated with an acorn, which acts as a lug to retain a frog. The lower mount has the panel only seen on deluxe version cutlasses. This chape panel has a small dent the only detraction I have found. The panel  features a scene within a wooded area with a large stag bellowing into the forest atmosphere. The ball below is also a deluxe feature, having beaded decoration to it’s circumference. This fine cutlass is equipped with its original, green frog. The leather is still in fine condition. These accoutrements are highly prized an valued by collectors they frequently were lost to time as the frogs have a tendency to slip down from the lug. The cutlasses short blade measures about 10″ in length with wide fuller. This blade is triple etched, featuring standard Eickhorn hunting scenes. On these pre 1945 pieces, the hunting scenes run in the direction towards the tip.. The obverse blade features a hunter aiming his rifle at a large stag and doe, who are on the run, jumping over a fallen tree in a forest. The reverse scene features a hunter carrying a shotgun while he runs after a wild boar. His dogs are in the process of attacking the boar, and it is not too clear who is winning this battle. The spine features a series of oak leaves and acorns which are raised out. This blade still has all of the frosting in the backgrounds, and good sharp detail to the hunting scenes. The blade is  full mint condition. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the 1935-1941 trademark. It features a seated squirrel holding a downward pointing sword. Above the animal is the quality word “Original”, and below, the firm’s name and location, “EICKHORN/SOLINGEN”. The original, green, felt, buffer is in place… An excellent opportunity here to acquire one of the most beautiful cutlasses produced during the period, and for a reasonable price. Excellent Plus, Plus. This piece has now been sold 

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Nazi Hunting Cutlass

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Nazi Hunting Cutlass

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