WW2 German Dagger Buyers Arundel

WW2 German Dagger Buyers Arundel



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Buying Every Day

Buying Every Day

To obtain a rapid offer/free of charge  valuation fill out the form provided in the right hand column.

A quick warning to sellers 

Before you invite a “Militaria” dealer into your home we recommend the following.

Nazi swords and dagger

Nazi swords and dagger

1) Check their credentials .Are they professionals with a VAT number ?.

RAF Mask £1200

RAF Mask £1200

They may even be school boys operating from a residential address.

 2) Always get an estimate by supplying phonographs first. Don’ t put your self in a position of being pressured.

3) You should always obtain no less than 75% of the market value for your collection or single items.

4) Money is hard to come by don’t get ripped off by a bully.

Show no sympathy to advertisers who claim to be passionate collectors.

Web advertising is expensive  such advertisers are  buying to sell on !.

5) Consider contacting a dealer with a high street store and a reputation to protect they will have

customers waiting and will be able pay.WW2 German Dagger Buyers Arundel

One of the most iconic dress elements of the second world war has to be the German officers dagger.

These WW2 Daggers  have remained among the most prized with successive generations of collectors.

David Mattey of WW2Buyer.com has witnessed  every recorded pattern of Third Reich edged weapon.

Prices Range $300 for second pattern Luftwaffe or  S.A. Dagger in poor condition to $600000 for the elusive Ferldhernhalle.Visit Arundel for Antique Militaria

German Helmet Valuation £3000

Nazi helmet

WW2 Helmet Experts

CS Militaria

If you have by inheritance acquired a second world war dagger you may be interested in obtaining an informed offer.

If you are a collector who now wishes to market your collection at researched prices we offer the immediate one stop solution .

WW2 Buyer.com are the broadest advertisers for WW2 German Daggers on the net. We operate ten websites which include

www.germandaggerbuyers.com     ……………..     www.germandaggerdealers.com    ……………  germandaggerswanted.com ……

David Mattey is happy to provide detailed appraisals and explain how valuations are arrived at.

Collectors and consequently the dealers who supply them prefer to buy items in “As Found” condition . Resist the temptation

of cleaning artefacts as this will dramatically reduce their appeal and value.

mk 1 bren inglis for sale

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