British Paratooper's Smock

British Paratrooper’s Smock

Denison Smock for sale? is the acquisitions website for

“The Nations largest bricks and mortar

militaria trading centre”



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Denison Smock for sale.

We are best best placed to offer up to date informed opinions

To those of you with a British Paratrooper’s  Denison Smock for sale !

Our store is in it’s self a Museum .

Dennison para smock Price

Dennison para smock Price

What we offer is a rapid professional assessment of values coupled with a sound selling strategy.

For those who are looking for an immediate return we will buy complete collection at the established market value.

For collectors who have recently acquired any “Militaria” at full retail value don’t worry we can pass these pieces on to new investors .

Our profit margins are variable and come from a high volume of business .

If you are wishing to evaluate Medals, Helmets, Uniforms, etc we will provide comparable listings where possible so you know that

you are receiving a good deal.


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   Come and handle genuine historic militaria.

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The South’s Military Attraction

Guide Lines For those of you with a Denison Smock for sale

Before you invite strangers into your home we recommend the following.

1) Check their credentials .Are they professionals, does their website display a VAT number (U.K.) or a Max Certified Dealer Badge (USA)?.Professional looking websites are now inexpensive to build, they can be operated from an iPhone from inside a prison (Fact), a Summer camp ,Bar, or by school Kids operating from Mum and Dads residential address!.

 2) If you have a Denison smock for sale always request a guide estimate of the likely range of prices interested parties are prepared to pay you.

This can be achieved by supplying photographs /images first or offering a good description.

Do not risk putting your self  in the uncomfortable position of being pressured.

3) You should be offered and accept no less than 75% of the market value when you have a Denison Smock for sale.

4) Cash is hard to come by!

Do not get “ripped” off by a greedy bully who pushes for an appointment to visit you immediately! before you have prepared exactly what will be going from your collection and what your bottom price is.

5) Show absolutely no sympathy to advertisers who claim to be passionate collectors.

dennison smock

This is usually criminal deception, advertising is expensive  such advertisers are buying to sell on !.

 5) If you have a Dennison Smock for sale consider contacting a dealer with a main  street store, a V.A.T. number (U.K.) or one who is a member of a (trade association USA)..

Don’t be a plumb sell to a specialist and who has an established reputation to uphold.

Such enterprises have customers waiting and will be able pay the prices you have researched.

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