Whether You Have WW2 Items To Sell As A Collection Or Simply One Single Item You Are On The Correct Page.

WW2 Buyer is a dedicated website

for the acquisition of all second world was militaria .

Many people contact us each month with war souvinirs for sale from all periods ,nations and conflicts .

Headdress ,Deactivated weapons and medals are popular purchases from out high street shop below Arundel Castle .

For those selling collections of swords of all periods we recommend your choosing us.

Why ? because the laws in some  countries  now state that edged weapons should only be sent to busyness addresses .. 

The Kriegsmarine is a popular subject with WW2 collectors .

Binoculars , Daggers ,uniforms and badges are among  the most prised trophies bought home by returning servicemen in 1945.. 


Major International Auction House

Valuations Paid Directly To You In Full.

Contact davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com 


If you require an offer/free valuation without being made to feel obliged to sell, We are at your service.

Send an e-mail containing photos of your German Navy Dagger  or any other militaria.

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We will provide you with up to date Offer/valuation.

We know what dealers, collectors and city investors would are willing to pay.

We buy from Veteran’s families, collectors and dealers worldwide including the major advertisers on the internet today .We are high end retailers buying for a long term investment group and for some of the the most advanced collectors, therefore the purchase price is less critical . Before you accept what you have been told is a” fair price” for your Kriegsmarine Dagger. obtain a second opinion. Whether selling one Badge or an entire collection of Japanese Collectibles, WW2Buyer.com would like the opportunity to make you a superior offer.

WW2buyer does not support the unregulated sale of  Swords or knives on the World Wide Web. We will only supply legitimate investors.

Our Payment Policy is straightforward: You receive immediate payment for your items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside Overseas and pay all postal costs.

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By dealing with dedicated professionals you will avoid the risks associated with posting your personal details over the internet we operate a zero spam policy.
If you would prefer to speak to us directly rather than to communicate via email we are quite happy to negotiate by telephone.

Our office is open 11am-5pm GMT every day. If you live within range please come and visit us.

Our services are confidential. We are happy to make purchases regardless of distance.

We offer a legal selling option for those of you living within areas of the

Union where the open trading in some artifacts is forbidden.

Reluctantly we have suspended the international importation of curved blades in line with U.K. legislation.


Edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have been banned from the major internet auction sites such as EBAY.

You may be comforted to know that we at WW2 Buyer.com buy exclusively for a vetted circle of responsible academic collectors, museums and historians.

WW2 Buyer.com never condones or promotes the Nazis or any other hate groups!

We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from mankind’s dark past only has validity within an educational context.

WW2Buyer.com buys directly from you, therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie.

WW2 Buyer,com considers that the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.

Our Payment Policy is straightforward:
Seller receive immediate payment for your items in full via “Paypal” or C.O.D.. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside the United Kingdom

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