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Valuation of SS Daggers

Valuation of SS Daggers

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Meine ehre heibst true


The SS Dagger first came about in 1933 .

Wheatcroft Collection

It differs only slightly from the S.A. Dagger both take their form from the seventeenth century “Holbein “Design. The colour of SA daggers is brown . All SS daggers are black with nickel or plated metal fittings .

rzm ss dagger

The Grips can be found fashioned from Ebony as well as other woods which have been stained to achieve the same effect.

WW2 numbered ss dagger cross guard Nazi Himmler

WW2 numbered ss dagger cross guard Nazi Himmler

The Motto running up the blade in Gothic script is “Meine ehre heibst true” this translate most closely to “My Honour Is Loyalty”  Towards  the top of the grip a silver and black enamel disk or button with the SS runes is inlaid into wood. Below the button is a detailed silver coloured eagle clutching a Swastika .

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