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                    The prices below pre paid during 2012   .                 

                for examples suitable for museum collections.

 1933 & 1936 SS daggers 

U.S.        $3500-$7000

U.K.        £2500-£5000 

NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) daggers 1933 & 1936 Models

U.S.         $500-$4000

U.K.         £280-£3000

NPEA (National Political
Educational Institute) daggers

U.S.         $3000-$6000

U.K.         £2000-$4000

1933 SA (Storm Troops) daggers

U.S.         $280 -$750

U.K.          £250-£600 

Heer (German Army)
Officer daggers

U.S.         $250-$700

U.K.         £180-£600

DLV (German Air Sports Formation) Flyers Knives

U.S.         $700-$900

U.K.         £450-£650

NSFK (National Socialist Flying Corps) Flyers knives

U.S          $700-$900

U.K.        £450 -£650

Luftwaffe (German Airforce) daggers and Gravity Knives

U.S.         $300-$875

U.K.         $180-$675

German Navy daggers

U.S.         $300-$700

U.K.         £280-£800

RAD (Reichs Labor Service) daggers

U.S.       $600-$1100
U.K.     £480 – £1700

Official daggers

U.S.       $6000-$9000

U.K.     £4000- £6500 

Red Cross/Social/Welfare
Official daggers

U.S.     $400-$1200

U.K.     £300-£900 

German Fire Official daggers,

Saw Back adds 30%

U.S.      $100 -$200

U.K.       £75-£160

RLB (Reichs Air Protection Federation) daggers

U.S.     $1600-$2600

U.K.   £700 -£2000

TENO (Technical Emergency Corps) daggers

U.S.     $3400-$6000

U.K.    £2000 – £5000

German Custom Official daggers

U.S.     $2200-$5000

U.K.     £1600-£7000

German Railway Official daggers

U.S.     $3500-$4500

U.K.     £2800-£4700

(Postal officials daggers)

U.S.      $4000-$6000

U.K.     £2200-£4000

Forestry, Hunting, and Rifle Association daggers

U.S.     $1200-$1800

U.K.     £700-£1200 

HJ (Hitler Youth)/DJ
(German Youth)


If You wish to sell

 SS  (Schutzstaffel)”Holbein” daggers date from June 1933 they were worn by all ranks.

In 1936 models appeared with skull embellished chained hangers.

We Pay $5000+ for 1936 examples in good complete condition.

We Pay $900+ £3000 examples of the 1933 model

”The 1933 pattern S.A.Dagger .We Pay – $500 – $900 for better examples.

The NSKK – National Socialist Motor Corp (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps).

This is a standard pattern 1933 S.A. Dagger with an application of black paint to the scabbard

after 1936 a decorative hanging chain was added

$400-$700 is the price we are offering for the basic model in good to very good condition.

$2000  for the 1936 standard chain dagger.

$3000  for the 1936 chain dagger with gold gilt to the fittings

The NPEA – National Political Educational department (National Erziehungsanstalt) – Daggers appear from 1935. Effectively another “Holbein” Dagger” Similar to the SA, but variations exist in grip insignia. A leader’s dagger was approved for wear in 1936.We Pay

$2200 – $2700+


The RAD – Reichs Labour Service (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Hewer was approved for wear in 1937.We Pay

£500 – £800 +

$800 – $1500

(RAD Officers)We Pay

£700 – £1000+


The HJ – Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) dagger could be purchased at a fixed price in 1933, it was designed to be a simple durable field tool suitable for opening cans, digging holes, knocking in tent pegs etc. A Leaders dagger was awarded in 1937, and was of a much more decorative style. Hitler Youth Dagger.We Pay

£180 – £350+


Hitler Youth Leaders.We Pay £2600 – £4100+

                                                $5000 +

The Customs Service (Zolldienst) dagger was introduced in 1937,  The Land Customs dagger featured a green leather grip and matching leather scabbard.The Water Customs  blue leather for the grip and scabbard with the gilt metal fittings“.We are Paying


$2400 + For good examples of the Land Customs Dagger as shown in the picture

$5000 For the water customs .

The Police and Fire Departments (Polizei und Feuerwehr)  For Officers a dagger was permitted to be worn that had an etched blade on each side, the design going back to before World War One

The Water Protection Police – (Wasserschutzpolizei)  dagger . worn by Officers similar in appearance to a standard Navy dagger apart from the grip being covered in leather (and sometimes a police insignia applied to the grip) – this dagger was being worn from 1938.

The Diplomats & Government Officials (Diplomaten und Staatsbeamte) wore a dagger that was nearly identical. Both had simulated mother of pearl grip plates, the overall design reflecting a high quality of manufacturing.We Pay

(Diplomats) – £4000+

(Government Official) – £3000+

The DLV – German Air Sports Formation (Deutscher Luftsport Verband), dagger could be worn by all officers and was very similar to the 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Pattern dagger. A shorter dagger was authorised for other ranks that was approximately 13.5 inches long.We Pay

(Officers Dagger) – £1000+

(Other Ranks) £400 – £700+

The NSFK – National Socialist Flying Corps (Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps) incorporated the members of the DLV – German Air Sports Formation (Deutscher Luftsport Verband) in 1937, and continued to use their shorter dagger.We Pay £600 – £800+

The DRK – German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) was worn from 1938, it had a saw back blade and a blunt tip, therefore potentially able to be used in a field medical role. A Leaders dagger was worn in 1938 and came in two small variants – Red Cross and Social Welfare use.We Pay

(DRK Mans) – £250 – £400+

(DRK Leaders) – £600 – £900+

The TENO/TN – Technical Emergency Corps (Technische Nothilfe) had two dagger designs, one for lower ranks that could be used in emergency use, and one for Leader’s that was purely designed for ceremonial use. Both daggers had strict issue criteria.

We pay (Lower Ranks) £1500 – £2500+

Leaders £3000-£4000

TENO/TN Technical Emergency Corps (Technische Nothilfe

Officers dagger.We Pay £3000 – £5000+


The DB – German National Railway System (Deutsche Reichsbahn) dagger was first issued in 1935, and was identical to a standard Army dagger; apart from the dark coloured grip. Therefore in 1938 a new design was produced that bore the insignia of the Reichsbahn – this dagger was only available to those of a certain rank.We Pay

(1st Pattern) – £1600+

(2nd Pattern) – £3300+

bahn but differed in scabbard and cross guard – again this dagger was only available to those of a certain rank.The Railway-Water Protection Police (Reichsbahn Wasserschutz Polizei) had a similar dagger to the 1938 Deutsche Reichs


The Postal Protection Service (Postschutz)  daggers became regulation in march 1939 for  higher officers only.No dagger was issued to NCOs or lower ranks. The stylized cross guard shows an eagles beak over a swastika.The dagger was suspended on a  chain hanger.

We Pay G.B.P. £2200 – £2900+

   U.S. $2400-$3600 + plus shipping

The National Forestry Service (Reichsforstdienst) was an organisation headed by Hermann Goring. The members were able to retain their pre-Nazi purchased items, that did not differ highly from the Nazi era. Many different patterns were made available, although the main difference between lower and higher ranks was the stipulation of stag horn grips.

We Pay £600 – £800 -£1000


The German Rifle Association (Deutscher Schutzen-Verband) dagger could be worn by all members, and is an attractive dagger being available in 1939. However like the Reichsforstdienst other older patterns of this dagger can be seen as this association was in existence long before Adolf Hitler came to power.We Pay £300 – £500+

The German National Hunting Association (Reichsbund Deutsche Jagerschaft) dagger could be worn by all members. A vast number of styles for the hilt, blade design and clamshell was available, and was up to the individual how much they were able/wanted to spend. However all these daggers had to have the grip insignia of the association put onto a stag horn grip.We Pay £300 – £500+

The RLB – German Air Protection Federation (RLB) – first adopted in 1936, it came in two styles dependent upon rank. In 1938 the insignia was updated and this was demonstrated by the grip insignia being changed on both daggers and addition of hanging straps for the Leaders dagger.

RLB (1st Pattern Mans)We Pay – £500 – £900+

The RLB – German Air Protection Federation – (RLB) 1st Pattern Officers.We Pay £1000 – £1,400+

The RLB – German Air Protection Federation (RLB)

(RLB 2nd Pattern Officers).We Pay – £1200 – £1,500+

Laws Restricting The sale of NAZI memorabilia

The Ebay Listing as of February 25, 2013.

On December 23, 2012 a Collectible Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk From The Early 1900S All Accessories Sold for $11,187 on eBay.

The Seller twentysbaby described the item as: Collectible  rare vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk from the 1900s, embodying the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era when traveling in style meant taking along every item of clothing you could possibly need, is being offered first time On E-bay Louis Vuitton amazing piece of luxe luggage features the famed Vuitton monogram on its canvas-upholstered frame, one of the earliest examples of a now iconic style. to facilitate the most meticulous packing, it features all original trim, including the marked metal latches, leather tags, beechwood slats and brass rivets”.

Definitely a very nice Trunk that brought a lot of attention and a great price.

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February 25th, 2013 | Category: Antiques

The Ebay Listing as of February 25, 2013.

On November 28, 2012 a Collectible Turquoise Blue and Gold Silk Isfahan Rug Sold for $10,000 on eBay.

The Seller homid123 described the item as: Collectible another Superb Silk Isfahan from my collection.  This rug is inspired by the Safavid Dynasty Mosques in Isfahan. Isfahan rugs typically use wool pile with a little bit of silk as highlights. This rug is a negative film of typical Isfahan rugs, meaning that it is mostly (~85%) silk pile with wools used as highlights (~15%).  Of course, the rug’s foundation is 100% superb silk to give this gem incredible strength to survive many hundreds of years as typically seen by surviving Isfahans in the museums around the world. This rug is created by the master Amerizadeh, whose works are extremely rare”.

Definitely a very nice Rug tume that brought a lot of attention and a great price.


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February 25th, 2013 | Category: Rugs

The Ebay Listing as of February 25, 2013.

On February 04, 2013 a Collectible Pair Baccarat Crystal Candelabras Candlesticks From The 1930′s Sold for $3,855.99 on eBay.

The Seller faimpex described the item as: Collectible magnificent pair of Baccarat crystal candelabras were obtained from a diplomat who was based in Paris in the 1930′s.  In fact we have the original receipt.  They were purchased June 27, 1930 from and an antique dealer named Robert Desrousseaux, 3 Rue Perronet, 3, Paris, France.  Each are numbered, 244 & 251, and have matching parts.  Please see the arms and the main chamber; you will notice they correspond.  The condition is magnificent, however please note, there is an inner crack with one of the candle holders, smooth on both side and very difficult to see”.

Definitely a very nice Candlesticks that brought a lot of attention and a great price.


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February 25th, 2013 | Category: Antiques

The Ebay Listing as of February 25, 2013.

On January 22, 2013 a Collectible Philadelphia lime green blob soda, weird, Twitchell, 1864 Sold for $1,225 on eBay.

The Seller catbonez described the item as: Collectible strange small blob soda. ABC CO, NEW HAVEN CT, PAT JAN 5TH 1864. Odd top. 6 1/2″ tall.  Dug. No chips or cracks”.

Definitely a very nice Bottle that brought a lot of attention and a great price.


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February 25th, 2013 | Category: Bottles


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