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Sellers from the U.S.A., Canada and Europe will only be required to ship items when full payment is shown in their accounts.

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Edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have been banned from the major internet auction site Ebay.

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We buy for responsible academic collectors, museums and historians. Those with an interest in preserving artefacts that help chronicle military history.

German Helmet Dealers buy directly from you, therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie.

Alabama military considers the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive.

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By dealing with dedicated professionals you will avoid the security risks associated with posting your personal details over the internet.

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Sellers receive immediate payment for items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside the United Kingdom and pay all postal costs.

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If you wish to speak to us directly rather than to communicate via email we are happy to negotiate by telephone. Our office is open 11am-5pm GMT every day.

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We are happy to make purchases regardless of distance. We offer a legal selling option for those of you living within areas of the European Union where the open trading in such artifacts is forbidden.

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junkers 88 shot down poling west sussex


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Most of our stock is obtained from the families of veterans in The U.S.A. and the U.K.

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WW2 are buying Rad Enlisted Mans hewers and Leaders Daggers.We will pre pay around 75% Dealers list price for all examples.

A brief history of the R.A.D.Hewer
(Written By David Mattey)Instituted in1934 the R.A.D.Hewer was robustly crafted to serve as both a working hatchet and to be worn as an emblem of authority on formal occasions. Paul Casburg based his design for the hewer on an antique woodman’s hatchet.These Antler griped Hewers measured forty cms overall .They had carbon steel blades etched with the RAD moto”Arbeit Adelt”  (“Work Ennobles”) The scabbards were steel shells mounted with silvered nickel then later steel and alloy fittings. Celtic knot designs and a swastika within a spade flanked by ears of corn were impressed into the fittings. Fittings to the scabbard were toned with black shellac,oil glaze or cellulose paint ,polished back, then lacquered to achieve an antique look.The antler grip plates on early production Hewers retain the raw texture whilst later examples tend to have a smoother finish. A Scarce variation is the “Full Stag” in this early variation of theHewer the handle lacks the metal ends to the pommel. They are instead covered by Antler. The Hewer was affixed to the enlisted man’s belt by a large leather hanger, variations of hangers exist as well as non regulation examples.Hewers were locally issued at Labour Corps battalion bases and were not available for private purchase .The RAD’s triangular proof mark is seen above the makers mark on hewers produced before 1936 production of the Hewer had finished by late 1942.Known Makers of the Rad Hewer. Include Carl Eickhorn. Boker.,Gottlieb Hammesfahr.W.K.C., Axt und Hauer fabrick.,Paul Weyersberg & Co.,Carl Julius Krebbs.Tiger. and Pumawerk,

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