Unlike many of the online only militaria businesses we are totally independent .. Only by remaining at a distance from on line sellers can we honour our policy of providing 20% above any independent offer .. We are not simply buying to sell at today’s retail prices . As suppliers to museums and advanced investors we offer so much more ,and charge our customers accordingly . Contact WW2 Buyer.com today .

Dear David,

I felt that you were an honest man,
and I see my opinion was well founded.
Would you like to see photos of the swords and the Hitler Youth dagger? 
Those and the other items I have mentioned before are still available. Sincerely, Jerry

Our unique customer list includes Museums ,Educational facilities and investment groups . We are always delighted to pay your wish price for historic items you are selling .

We invite you to shop around and obtain offers from on-line militaria dealers .

Once you have learned what people are willing to pay send us a message containing images of what you have . Your asking price should be the sum of the best offer you received then add 20% .

So if you have WW2 items and you have been offered one thousand just add 20% we will pay you the additional Two hundred and cover shipping from anywhere in the World . WW2 Buyer.com distances itself from online only sellers who pedal Nazi items to impressionable youngsters .History must be preserved .

A mounted Group of Seven Miniature , New Zealand Volunteer Service. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, Medal Bar of Air Commodore , WWI British War Medal , British War Medal – Canadian Group of Eight Miniatures, Great War and WWII Group , The VC Related Family Group ,M.C. Group of Three, First China War Medal – 1842, A British Issued 1939-45 War Medal , The First War Memorial Cross Pair, Egypt and Sudan Medal 1882-89,ndia General Service Medal 1849-95, Egypt and Sudan medal 1882-89, India General Service Medal 1849-95, India General Service Medal 1908-35, India General Service Medal 1849-95, Egypt and Sudan medal 1882, India General Service Medal 1849-95, Sold For $600,India General Service Medal 1908-35,India General Service Medal 1849-95, Egypt and Sudan medal 1882-89, India Medal 1895-1902, Sudan Medal 1896-98, Afghanistan Medal 1878-80, Sold For ,India General Service Medal 1908-35, Afghanistan Medal 1878-80, Royal Scots Trio ,Royal Army Medical Corps Trio , North Fusiliers – Capt. D.R. Herriot Sold For Total items found A First War Trio , DSM For Submarine, , A Royal Navy Long Service Group , – Military Cross Recipient, Application Document for Croatian/Bosnian SS-Volunteers, Two Second War German Awards, Gold Award for Shooting Down Zepplein L15, WWII German East Medal 1941/42 , German Red Cross DRK Hewer, AWARD DOCUMENTS – AIR GUNNER – NIGHTFIGHTER , Iron Cross First Class 1914 , Thre Third Reich Awards , Three German Tinnies , Two German , Three German Tinnies & Badges, Pour-le-Merite GROUP TO GENERAL,  German Cross in Gold, -1957 Version CUSTOMS DECORATION ,

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