Militaria Dealer

What kickstarts the long term militaria collector ?

Genuine relics of war have a kind of energy which connects the collector with the conflict that interests them. Replicas cannot fulfil the demands of collectors because they lack any historical connection .

An item plucked from the battlefields of WW2 Europe is material evidence of an event. I have heard collectors say “If only these pieces could speak ”

The value of any given item of “Militaria” can be decided by this equation Condition of an item multiplied by the rarity of an item multiplied by the following of the unit it is connected to.

If a model 1940 German helmet is offered for sale in good condition it will sell for £500. If the identical helmet has a Luftwaffe decal (Transfer ) .. £650 for one in identical condition yet issued to the Wehrmacht.. Or £2,500 for the same issued to the Waffen SS … A Kreigsmarine example might sell for £1000.

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