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Rare German Dagger sells For $50,000

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The History of the German Iron Cross

The History of the German Iron Cross.                           First instituted in 1813 the Prussian Iron Cross was awarded in two main grades for acts of courage under fire. The Dates seen on most examples are 1914 indicating WW1 awards and 1939 for WW2 actions. The first class iron cross is worn as a badge pinned to the chest of the recipient .The second class was issued suspended on a black and white ribbon from 1813 until 1918 ,In 1939 Adolf Hitler introduce the red white and black ribbon.Recipients wore the ribbon only on combat uniforms threaded through  the second button hole of their tunic.


Diplomat's Dagger

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25 general assault R.K.

25 general assault R.K.



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2014 militaria venues


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German Dagger Values

What Governs German Dagger Values ?

Market factors governing the prices of Nazi and Imperial German Daggers are quite straight forward.

The basic equation is condition x availability =  price.

Scarcity of dagger model and of it’s individual maker plus the function of the organization  for whom the dagger was

created are factors that  play a part in evaluation.

The 1933 S.A. Dagger is of the same basic “Holbien Design” as the SS enlisted mans Dagger of the same date.

A production rarity ratio of say thirty to one in numerical terms makes the SS dagger more illusive to the collector .

The strong collector following for SS memorabilia plays a greater role in the price difference.





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