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Militaria Auctions can be hit Or miss affairs . Would it be worth getting in touch with a dedicated specialist like WW2 ?. WW2 buyer have a prime high street retail store in a historic location .You can achieve phenomenal prices for really high quality items, We also buy quantities of lower value Buttons.Patches,Etc . Sellers retain absolute control over the prices you accept and achieve .Famously we charge a little more so we can pay you a little more !. All purchases are strictly cash and confidential

WELCOME TO WW2BUYER.COM TELEPHONE TODAY!        U.S.A.+447860747027          U.K. 01903-884602 War Memorabilia Auctions whilst being a better bet than general antique auction can often prove to be disappointing to both seller and Buyer! “Thank you for your honesty and sincerity I...